25 Random Things About Me

January 14, 2009

Okay, my sister tagged me for this so I’ll give it a try!

1. I have 2 sisters and if you take the numbers for my birthday (3-19) and my next sister’s birthday (8-4) and add them together (month with month and day with day), they add up to my last sister’s birthday (11-23).

2.  I made it to 30 years old before losing a grandparent.

3.  I read Little Women in 4th grade.

4.  I have lived in six states, some multiple times.

5. I have lived in Europe.

6.  Even though I lived in both New York state and California in my childhood, I did not fly on an airplane until my 24th birthday.

7. On my 24th birthday, I flew to Germany to move there.

8.  I was the first baby born on St. Joseph’s Day in St. Joseph’s hospital in Kansas City, MO and I had my picture in the paper with nuns to celebrate!

9.  I could eat Italian food every day!

10.  My favorite movie snack is Junior Mints and I’m not a fan of popcorn.

11.  I have had one baby without pain medication. (and three WITH pain medication!)

12.  I have no musical talent whatsoever.

13.  I enjoy reading, writing, and proofreading/editing…anything to do with words.

14.  I got engaged and married exactly one year apart.

15.  I have never been hospitalized for anything other than having babies.

16.  I have two fake teeth to fill in spots left after braces.

17.  I like to watch 24 and LOST with Michael after they come out on DVD (yay for Netflix!) so we can watch all the episodes in a short period of time instead of watching them with the rest of the world on TV! 🙂

18.  I went to Paris for 19 hours and did not see the Mona Lisa or go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  I did see the outside of the Louvre and I stood underneath the Eiffel Tower.  Awesome.

19. I enjoy rubber stamping as a hobby.

20.  I drink my coffee black.

21.  I hardly ever wear lipstick.

22.  I love homeschooling my kids and watching them learn new things…I learn new things, too!

23.  I like keeping up with old friends on facebook/blogs.

24.  I collect “grape” things for my kitchen and Eiffel tower/Paris things for my bedroom and plates from the different countries we have visited.

25.  My sisters are two of my best friends…we’ve shared so many unique experiences over the years during all of our moves and I talk to them both at least twice a week even though we live far apart.

I’m going to tag Alley, my 10 year old daughter, to do this on her blog.  http://alleygator.zooblogs.com.  She can consider it a school assignment!  🙂


Baby Book Entry

January 13, 2009

I was talking to my sister this morning and was telling her a couple of funny things that Dresden has said lately and so I remembered that I should put them on here so we can laugh at them in the future. 🙂

In a recent post I mentioned that Dresden was saying things like “pink one room”.  Well, she just stopped saying it one day and I miss it 🙂 but she has now begun talking about her “great great grandma”.  As far as I can tell, this is a fictional person she has made up, possibly like an imaginary friend, since she has never met any of her great great grandparents.  One day a few weeks ago I couldn’t find a pack of my gum.  I finally found it in the refrigerator and asked her about it, assuming she did it.  She said, “My great great Grandma put it in there.”  Since then she has told us that her great great Grandma is a “big giant that reaches up to the ceiling” and various other unbelievable details.  Today, Michael mentioned a documentary about sharks that he was going to watch and Dresden said, “My great great Grandma likes sharks!”  Who knows how long this phase will last…she is our first child that has had an “imaginary ancestor” so this is all new to us!

We also sometimes tell her she is silly after she has said or done something silly.  She ALWAYS-without fail- responds with, “I’m not silly, I’m funny!”  She might come downstairs with a silly-looking outfit on and we’ll say, “You’re silly!”  not even thinking about her usual response but she always remembers.  The other night, Michael was taking the Christmas boxes down to the basement and she was talking to him about something and he told her she was silly.  She said, ” I’m not silly, I’m funny!” and he said,” No, I’m funny and you’re silly.”  And she said, “No, I’m funny and you’re silly!”  And he said,” That’s what I said, I’m funny and you’re silly!”  This went on for several more rounds and it’s probably one of those you-had-to-be-there moments but it was cute (and funny and silly) and I wanted to remember it.  She is quite the character, to say the least!

Megan isn’t entertaining us with cute words yet but she is keeping us on our toes!  She has been crawling since right around the time we put our Christmas tree up and has just been getting faster and faster.  She is also now pulling up on everything!  She does say one word…if she sees her reflection in a mirror or the car window she usually says, “hi”.  It’s very soft and sometimes it isn’t any more than just the “h” sound but sometimes it is pretty clear.  She will also sometimes say it back to us if she is in a very happy mood, like when she first wakes up in the morning.  So sweet.

She is currently on two different antibiotics…one for thrush which she takes once a day and one for a bad ear infection that she developed last week which she takes twice per day.  She hasn’t done too bad taking it but it is alot to keep up with for 10-14 days.

I’m going to try to get my Christmas pictures uploaded and a post about our holiday festivities posted very soon!  Hope you are all enjoying 2009 so far!dscn1922dscn1926

Thanksgiving in Texas

December 11, 2008

This Thanksgiving, we took Michael’s week of vacation and went to Texas.  Our good friend, Jon, lives there and has been wanting us to come visit for awhile.  He has been here to Kansas City several times, including Thanksgiving last year,  so it was our turn to travel!  We got up early Tuesday morning and Liam told us his stomach hurt.  His face and lips were as white as a sheet which is a sure sign that he is not feeling well!  We grabbed a bowl for the car and headed out, praying that our day and week would not turn into a nightmare! ( Thankfully, he was MUCH improved by lunch and felt fine the rest of the time. ) We drove all day and arrived at Jon’s house around 7:15pm-12 and a half hours after we left our house!!

On Wednesday we pretty much relaxed.  We did take a walk to the peacock farm down the road from Jon’s house and we were able to find a few feathers on the road for our science notebooks.  We did a little Thanksgiving dinner preparation including making Bing Cherry Salad.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and Jon fried two turkeys.  Everything was good and we had a nice day eating and sitting around! Later, Jon and Kibbie took the three oldest kids to a 3D movie (Bolt) which they thought was great and Dresden even wore the glasses around for the next 2 days!

On Friday morning we all headed out to San Antonio, about 2.5 hours south of where we were.  Our three biggest kids wanted to ride with Jon and Kibbie so Michael, Megan and I followed in the van.  We went to the Alamo, walked over to Fuddruckers for lunch and then went to the Riverwalk, which was beautiful but kinda crowded and a little difficult to maneuver with a stroller!  After that we headed back to Jon’s but decided to make a stop at IKEA just north of Austin.  Since there are no IKEAs anywhere near Kansas City, that was a treat.   We were all tired when we got home and we slept in on Saturday.  After lunch on Saturday, we headed to Waco to go to the zoo there, which was very nice, and then Jon took us out to eat Mexican.  Then we went to meet the family of Jon’s fiancee and they have a Wii so that was a huge hit with the kids!  Alley and Liam boxed and bowled for quite awhile and Michael took a few turns, too!

We were originally planning to head home on Sunday but we really wanted another day to rest (and do laundry!) so we decided to stay til Monday.  We left Monday morning EARLY in order to avoid rush hour in Dallas/Fort Worth.  The kids slept, I slept some, Michael drove and listened to talk radio and we only stopped twice.  We made it home 11 hours after leaving Jon’s.  We had a great time and we were glad to see Jon again since he will be leaving for Iraq in just a few weeks.

We always enjoy trips we can take as a whole family since so often the kids and I travel without Michael.  We also enjoyed doing some educational sightseeing (the kids had a stack of books about Davy Crockett and the Alamo to read on the way to Texas!) and just getting away from daily life and regular responsibilities for a few days.  dscn1907

The girls and Jade

The girls and Jade

The sun was in our eyes!

The sun was in our eyes!

Jon, Kibbie and the kids.

Jon, Kibbie and the kids.

Thanks for everything, Jon and Kibbie!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

November 22, 2008

Today is our 11th Anniversary.  It fell on Saturday this year, just like the year we got married, which was fun.  Michael had to work tonight so we actually went out to dinner last night.  We left the kids with my parents and went to the 54th Street Grill which neither of us had ever been to before.  Being that it was Friday night, we did have to wait about 20 minutes for a table but it was good food and it was nice to have a meal without being interrupted by the little people who surround us 24/7!  (Don’t get me wrong…we love them dearly but sometimes we like to hear each other’s voices!)  Right before we left my parent’s house, my mom gave me an old note I had written to Michael before we got married, sometime during our engagement year.  She had found it stuck in a Bible study book on their book shelf and thought we might want it.  We each read it during dinner and it was fun to reminisce about that time so many years ago.

Today was a pretty normal day.  Michael had an early class at church so he was gone until almost 10 am.  Then he went to bed because he worked last night from midnight-6am and he was pretty wiped out.  Alley shooed me out of the kitchen and called Mimi to walk her through the process of baking shortbread cookies all by herself.  This was a plan they had cooked up last night while we were out to dinner!  She even snuck two sticks of butter home with her!  She did a great job and I was very proud of her for doing something like that all by herself.  Later, I took three of the kids to Wal-Mart with me to get a few groceries for the weekend since we are planning on going out of town this week and didn’t need alot of food.  We’ve been here this evening, just enjoying being together.  I was folding a few baskets of laundry earlier and I was thinking about how days like today is what we were hoping for on that day eleven years ago when we said “I do.”  We were looking forward to a home with children and sharing life together.  So, even though today was a low-key, normal Saturday, it was a good reminder of what marriage is all about-making a life and a home together.

American Boy

November 9, 2008

I have to share something Liam said today that was funny..even though he didn’t realize it!

Alley has been saving up money for several months to buy a doll.  The doll she has been planning to buy is a doll similar to American Girl dolls but made by a Christian company.  Yesterday she attended a American Girl Tea Party at the library right here by our house and she dressed up and she took my American Girl doll (now 18 years old) along with her.  So, this afternoon, she was wondering if maybe she should save up some more money and buy an American Girl doll since so many of her friends have them.  We began discussing the dolls around the lunch table and Liam, like a good brother, gave his opinion based on the limited American Girl knowledge he has but then he said, “But I’m a boy, so American Girl dolls aren’t my cup of tea.” Spoken like a boy surrounded by many sisters and who has been invited to many “tea parties” hosted by those sisters!  (He comes, but only for the snacks!) He really is a great brother. But never fear, when he is not drinking tea (or participating in one of Alley’s plays), he can usually be found pretending to be Indiana Jones or trying to talk his sisters into playing football!


November 7, 2008

Well, today I went to the dentist for the first time in probably three years.  The kids have dental coverage but I don’t, not since the Army-days.  Anyway, recently there were a few teeth that were bothering me and I finally broke down and made an appointment with a dentist who grew up in the same church as my parents but whom I had only met a time or two in my childhood.  She is a Christian and as soon as I told her who I was, she hugged me!  She looked at the pictures of my teeth and at my actual teeth and said that it looked like two of my back teeth needed build up and crowns and POSSIBLY root canals, too, which she won’t know for sure about until after she looks further in my next appointment.  They gave me an estimate of cost, including the root canals, and it is not a number I can easily handle.  They did say they give discounts to people who pay without insurance and since the dentist knows my mom and dad, she said she would help all she could but this is still going to be a HUGE expense that we were not planning for.  So….if you read this blog, please pray that God will provide for this.  It would help ALOT if I don’t need root canals because they are each about $900 and the crowns are expensive enough on their own so please pray that it is not to that point yet.  I am going back Monday so hopefully I will know more then.

Thank you for your prayers!

Another One Post

November 2, 2008

I know this blog is a poor excuse for a baby book but sometimes its the best I can do!

Dresden has recently been talking more and more and she has gotten in the habit of saying “one” after the adjective and before the main noun of whatever it is she is describing or talking about.  For example, she always tells people she wants them to see her “pink one room”.   She will say, “I want to wear my new one shirt.”   She sometimes says, “I want another one cookie.”  The funniest example was a couple of weeks ago when we met one of our new neighbors.  The woman was wearing a blue jacket.  Dresden had just discovered a pink doll stroller among our stored things and wanted to show it to the neighbor.  She ran into the garage to get the stroller but by the time she came out, the woman had walked home.  She said, “I want to show my pink one stroller to the blue one lady!”  So funny!

Megan is now 7 months old and is sitting up on her own very well.  She leans forward to try to grab things beyond her reach and often falls onto her stomach in the process.  I suspect it will not be long until she is crawling and then my life will get even more crazy!

Update Post :)

November 2, 2008

I know I haven’t written much lately but I do have a good excuse–it is lots of work getting settled with a baby and three other kids around all the time and still trying to keep everyone clean and fed…BUT I am making progress.  Two weeks ago, my sister, Heidi, and her family came for a visit so that motivated me to work hard at getting as much done as I could to make the house look “normal” so she could see at least a glimpse of what it is supposed to look like.  There weren’t many pictures hung when she arrived and there were still a few boxes left here and there but I finally felt like it was all coming together.  I have spent the last two weeks continuing to unpack and hang things on the walls in anticipation of a weekend visit from my Uncle Ross and Aunt Jane and my cousin and her friend.  (None of these out of town visitors stayed here but they all came by to see the house.)  So, little by little, things are getting done.  We still have to organize the garage and the basement but at least the inside is more livable now.

We did end up getting a new dishwasher and I like it MUCH better.  It is a black Maytag and it works great!

The laminate floor is almost completely done…all the boards are laid and there is just a little trim work that needs to be done.  Michael has worked very hard on that and he also installed a new ceiling fan in our bedroom and has done countless other little jobs for me, all while working and doing homework for a class he is taking at church.  We also got the bathroom carpet replaced with vinyl floor (thanks to my uncle) for which we are very thankful!  (I am definitely putting that on my Thanksgiving list this year!)

Yesterday we spent some time in our yard, raking, blowing and bagging leaves.  I think the kids actually had fun!  The weather was perfect for that and since many more leaves fell overnight, I am praying for some more beautiful days!

We have had a fun weekend this weekend.  It started off Friday night with our church’s Reformation Celebration at church.  We struggle alot with the proper way to celebrate that day, as we DO believe that Martin Luther and the beginning of the Reformation are definitely worth remembering but we aren’t convinced that celebrating it in a way that looks very similar to the way the world celebrates Halloween (a day that glorifies death and darkness) by having a party with costumes, candy and games, is the the most pleasing to God.  In and of themselves those things aren’t wrong but it feels an awful lot like we are imitating the world and not Christ when we do the same things on the same day.  I wrote in more depth about this in my post on October 31, 2006, in the archives of this blog.  We decided to go this year because they were focusing everything around the Reformation, including the costumes.  We were impressed with the games they had and with many of the costumes we saw.  The kids had a great time, and most importantly they learned more about the Reformation.  Liam dressed up as Martin Luther, Dresden as ML’s wife, Katie Von Bora, and Alley went as “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, a hymn page.  At this point we aren’t sure what we will do next year and in the future.  More prayer and discussion to come!

We were invited to breakfast yesterday by my Uncle Roger and Aunt Janie at a local restaurant well known for good breakfasts.  The food was yummy and we had fun doing something we don’t normally do.  Last night we gathered with my parents, all my Burton uncles and aunts and one cousin (plus her friend, who Liam thinks is great!) and my grandma for sandwiches and visiting.

We have some fun things coming up this month…we are going to see a play of the Wizard of Oz on Nov 21 and we are going to Texas for Thanksgiving to see our good friend, Jon, and his fiance who were here in Kansas City for Thanksgiving last year.  We are looking forward to getting away!

Getting Settled

October 8, 2008

Well, I thought I had a blog entry almost ready to post on here but I can’t seem to find it…so I guess I will start over!

It has been busy around here!  We moved in 10 days ago and we are still far from settled!  There are still boxes in almost every room, no pictures have been hung yet, the laminate floor project is still being worked on but we are getting laundry done, meals cooked and some school done, too!  I am trying to get it looking much better by the time another 10 days passes but that will take alot of work on my part!  I have also been busy this week with various things involved with changing our address and our car insurance, etc.  I am now also having to wash dishes by hand since our dishwasher has decided that it would be a good idea to dump all the soap in the front corner and not actually USE it to wash the dishes!  Thankfully, our appliances are under a temporary warranty through our home inspector and so today a repairman came out.  He thinks it is the motor not pumping water at the right times but there is a possibility that instead of replacing it, they will just give us a certain amount of money to go towards a new dishwasher.  I was not really planning on getting a new dishwasher right now but since this one is about 10 years old and I wasn’t really happy with it from the beginning, it might be nice to get something I will like better for a long time.  We’ll see what happens!

We are really enjoying NOT walking up two flights of stairs all the time and it is SO nice to not have laundry piling up in the kitchen and so nice to let the dog out by just opening a door!  It is nice to have extra space and to not feel like we are always on top of each other.  Some things have definitely changed with the extra space and we are figuring these things out and making the needed adjustments.  For example, in the apartment, I kept Megan’s diapers in one place…near the playpen, since the playpen was near the bathroom and in the living room and I always changed her and dressed her there after a bath.  Here, I am having to keep some diapers near the playpen in the family room and some in the linen closet near the bathroom upstairs so I can easily change her there after a bath.  Also, we now have 4 doors that we can enter or leave our house through and we are having to remember to make sure each door is locked before bed and before leaving the house.  In the apartment, we had one way in and out…the front door!

I am loving having a yard and a hose!  I washed all my floor mats from the van this weekend and let them dry in the sun and today I washed a shelf that was left here by the previous owner that I may use in my craft closet.  Having lived in houses all of my childhood, I am being reminded of how nice it is to have those things easily and readily available.

It’s getting late but I’ll try to post a few pics here…for those of you on facebook, there are more there.


September 27, 2008

Today is the day!  We are finally moving into a house that is big enough for our family!  We have had the keys for about a week and a half and we have been overseeing (and actually doing) various home improvement projects to try to rid this house of the 1970s feel before our big move today.  We have stripped wallpaper, pulled up carpet, watched a big painting crew paint almost the entire interior of the house, watched a guy remove old carpet and lay new carpet, and Michael has spent many hours on his knees installing a laminate floor in the family room.  It is all coming together and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product when we are settled.  Monday is the day I have set aside to clean the apartment and to walk down those two long flights of steps for the last time!  I have been thankful for a place to live and we made two years of memories there but we are very glad to be moving on now to a place with a backyard for the kids, a garage for getting the kids in and out of the car in bad weather, a basement for storage and protection in tornado weather AND 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths.  God has blessed us!

I wanted to mention something Dresden said yesterday…I took the stained glass tulip my grandpa made for me out of my window yesterday and seeing the hand-etched words on the back “TO TARA 7-2005 FROM GRANDPA BURTON” with a little etched heart, made me cry a little and Dresden asked me what was wrong.  I told her I was missing Grandpa and she teared up a little too and then that reminded her of her cousins who were here during the funeral and she she told me she wanted to go to Grant’s house “to-now”!  So we now have “today, tomorrow, tonight, and tonow!”

I have to go get my day started, we are loading the truck in a few hours and I have lots to do!  I’ll post some “before and after” pics soon!