Yes,that’s right! A NEW post! Can you believe it?

September 18, 2009

OK, I’m not even going to apologize about the infrequency of my posts on here, I’m just going to jump back in!

In my last post, I mentioned that my grandma was in the hospital.  She took a turn for the worse in mid-August and passed away at 2:30am on August 17.  It was a very bittersweet week for all of us.  We knew she was going to pass away because her kidneys were not functioning and she refused dialysis treatment so it was just a matter of time at that point.  My sisters came back to town, other out of town family came in and we all spent hours with her in ICU, talking to her and singing to her.  Special memories that we will always cherish were made.  It helped to be able to prepare myself for her death but I still find myself stopping in the middle of my day and just not being able to truly believe that she is gone.  I still think of things I want to tell her and things I so badly wish I could ask her.  I have some of her things in my house and most of the time that is a great comfort to me, other times it makes me sad to know that they can only be in my house and not hers because she is not here and her house is now empty and on the market.  I already miss her very very much and I know I always will in this life.  Thank God for his wonderful promises!

We had a really busy summer and this year is starting out that way as well.  We are all pretty busy with church and we are now back in school for the year.  It is going well so far.  We have a good routine that works well for us.  One of my challenges this year is working in a part time job that I do from home.  I found the job while scanning through craigslist, like I do occasionally, and it seemed like a good fit for me and so far it is.  I update content on facebook and twitter pages for a company that has several of each type of page.  I am enjoying it and it is nice to have a little extra money for all the little things that come up,especially with KIDS!

Today, we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to Powell Gardens, a beautiful place about 30 minutes from here.  The kids participated in a lesson about pond life which included looking at micro-organisms under microscopes and dipping for macro-organisms in a pond on the property.  We also walked around the grounds for awhile and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and fountains. 

In other science related news, last week in school we were reading about butterflies, monarchs in particular, and how they migrate to Mexico about this time every year.  The next day I got an email from a friend telling us about a monarch watch going on last weekend.  Michael took the kids since I had something at church that day and they had a blast!  They each received a monarch butterfly chrysalis to take home and observe and wait for the butterfly to emerge.  Saturday evening we could see the wings showing through.  Each chrysalis was turning black by the time we went to bed and before we left for church Sunday morning, two of the three had broken open and the butterfly had climbed out.  It takes awhile for their wings to be ready to fly so we carried the hanger they were tied to out to the deck so they could fly away when they were ready.  When we got home from church, the third one was ready to be taken outside.  Very cool and once again, God’s timing was perfect!  The kids were so excited to see what we had been reading about with their own eyes. Another reason I love homeschooling!

We are now looking forward to our family vacation, coming up in 10 days.  We are stopping by to see my uncle and aunt in Arkansas, and each of my sisters in Alabama and Georgia on our way to Bristol, Virginia to see some friends and some of Michael’s family.  On our way back we are going to stop at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati.  We won’t be in any one place very long but we are excited to spend a whole week together as a family.

Powell Gardens Field Trip 9-09 002Powell Gardens Field Trip 9-09 004Powell Gardens Field Trip 9-09 008Powell Gardens Field Trip 9-09 009


One Response to “Yes,that’s right! A NEW post! Can you believe it?”

  1. Lisa said

    tara! i have a blog now..i’m gonna try to keep up w/ this one since i kinda let my xanga one go…
    i miss you already!

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