June 10, 2009

One week.  It is truly amazing what can happen in one short week.  Last Wednesday I made a quick trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new Drivers License since my car insurance company was requesting that I have a Missouri drivers license instead of a Kansas one since I am now a Missouri resident (and have been for over 8 months.)  It didn’t take long at all, thankfully, and after I returned home, I got ready for the women’s summer Bible Study at church.  We have just begun reading and discussing Praying Backwards by Bryan Chappell.  It is an awesome book and even though I am not even a full two chapters into it, it has already affected the way I pray.  There’s much more to be said but so far, he has encouraged us to think about the fact that we are praying  ‘in Jesus’ name’ when we begin our prayers and not just tack that phrase on the end as an afterthought or out of ritual but to really think about the fact that when we pray, we are to pray for His glory and for His will to be done.  It is really very comforting, since we can just rest and trust Him to do what is best since He is sovereign over every detail, and that nothing can happen outside of His control.

That was Wednesday.  On Thursday morning, I got a call from my mom telling me that my Grandma was being taken to the Emergency Room from the Rehab center where she had been recovering from her recent back surgery.  Her blood pressure had dropped dangerously low.  Later, we found out that she had blood clots in her lungs, alot of them.  The doctor said that that would have killed most people right on the spot.  Over the next several hours they thought she was improving after they removed the majority of the clots.  Then she suddenly took a turn for the worse and they moved her to ICU and they said family should stay close.  I called a friend who agreed to watch my kids so I could go to the hospital.  I was rushing around to get the kids ready and in the car and I somehow locked my keys in the house!  I couldn’t believe this was happening!  I was able to “break in” my house and finally get on the road, all the while thinking about how it had only been 10 months since we lost Grandpa so suddenly and knowing I wasn’t ready for another day like that.  But I remembered what I had been reading and I began to pray for God to do what was best for her, for us and what would bring Him the most glory.   I asked for Him to spare her life a little longer but I took comfort in knowing that He was in control no matter the outcome.

Several family members gathered at the hospital and more began traveling to Kansas City.  I finally went home to try to sleep.  I prayed with my kids as we were going to sleep on the living room floor, leaving beds available for my cousins who were arriving around 2 am.  I didn’t sleep well but was thankful in the morning that I hadn’t received a call in the night….that Grandma had made it through the night.  All day Friday and most of Saturday things were very touch and go.  Her blood pressure wasn’t staying high enough without medication.  We thought her organs might be shutting down due to not enough oxygen when the blood pressure was so low.  She was on a ventilator, not because she couldn’t breathe at all but just to help her body not to have to work so hard.  We were allowed to go in and see her during some of these hours but she didn’t look good most of that time.  She was sedated and had so many things hooked up to her, helping to sustain her life.  On Friday, she was a little more awake and was able to open her eyes when we talked to her and she would nod and squeeze our hands in response to what we said, still unable to talk with the ventilator.  Still hovering around the line between life and death.  We kept praying and I realized that beginning my prayers with a focus on God and on His will made it so much easier to pray, so much easier to know that His will would be done.

She was hooked up to dialysis on Sunday since her kidneys weren’t functioning very well.  This was expected due to the shock her body had gone through and some of her medications and diagnostic treatments were hard on her kidneys.  The doctor was hopeful that normal function would return eventually.  Her blood pressure began to stabilize at this point which was very encouraging.   We went to church Sunday morning and then spent most of the afternoon with family in the ICU waiting room.  The kids were getting very excited about VBS starting on Monday.

Monday morning the kids and I headed to church to start a busy Vacation Bible school week.  My mom called while we were there to tell me that they were planning to remove the ventilator that afternoon.  They did do that and she has been awake and able to talk to us.  Her throat is sore and her voice is soft but she knows who we are and is remembering details such as when her estimated tax payment is due and when her favorite show comes on!  She has quite a bit of therapy to go through to recover from this as well as finishing her rehabilitation from the back surgery but we are all hopeful that she will continue to regain strength and be back to her normal self before too long.  It is truly a blessing from God that she is still with us.  I know that “praying backwards” didn’t save her life… it just prepared my heart to be quicker to accept His will either way.  This Wednesday, I am truly grateful for what our family was spared this week and that God has given us the gift of more time with Grandma.


One Response to “DMV, ICU, VBS”

  1. Jana said

    All I can say is Praise the Lord!!! So looking forward to seeing Grandma soon!

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