One Reason I Love Teaching My Kids

April 28, 2009

There are many, many reasons why I love being the one to teach my kids every day but today I was reminded that God is our teacher and the Creator of all that we are studying and He is sovereign over every detail and when all those things combine…it’s awesome!

This year, the kids and I have been reading a book called Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day for our science. So far, we have studied birds and bats and now we are studying insects. Yesterday, we were reading about ants. We all learned some new things and one thing we learned was that when an anthill is disturbed, the worker ants try to save the “baby” ants, (the pupa stage of their development), by carrying the pupae out of the anthill. Today, I was doing some yard work in the backyard and I inadvertently disturbed an anthill that was under some leaves I was trying to move. All of a sudden, ants started crawling all over the leaves and I looked down and noticed that several of them were carrying the pupae! It was amazing! I called to Liam and he came to see and then he went to get Alley so she could see as well. I think they were amazed to see the very thing we had discussed the day before happening right before their eyes, right in their own backyard! I couldn’t help but think about how perfect God’s timing is! If I had done the yard work before we read that section in our science book, I might not have remembered seeing it and I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought to show the kids these ants carrying these ugly white things! God knew it all and He made it something we won’t forget! Awesome!


5 Responses to “One Reason I Love Teaching My Kids”

  1. emily said

    What a blessing! God knew that was gonna happen. That is such a sweet gift.

    I had to delete your link b/c it isn’t the permalink of the post. Would you mind re-linking directly to this post rather than just to your blog? Thanks!

  2. Mom said

    This is exactly what I love about homeschooling. You KNEW what they had been studying because YOU are the one who was teaching them. Plus, think how these events bond your children together in a way that nothing else could. They are experiencing, together, something specific about the Creator and His absolutely amazing creation. I am so thankful you can teach the kids from that awesome curriculum. That is so cool! Love, Mom

  3. emily said

    Fixed the link…and I know I already left a comment here…hmmmm. Because this story is so great! What a sweet gift that God wanted to bless you with. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I love when that kind of thing happens! God brings it about so that the kids get FULL understanding of what we are learning. What an awesome God we serve.

  5. Crissie said

    What a wonderful thing to be thankful for! You truly captured the seemingly insignificant in your day and I’m sure that your kids are the better for it.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me how beautiful and amazing all of God’s creations are…


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