Catch up

March 14, 2009

Once again, I am seriously delinquent in posting…my apologies to my faithful readers.  🙂   It seems life doesn’t ever slow down with four kids in the house!  I am hoping to do better on this and maybe having a new computer will help.  We finally replaced the computer we bought when we moved to Germany SEVEN years ago.  It is actually still running, it is just slow and bogged down, so it has become the kid’s computer.  The new one is now in my room so maybe I will actually get a turn and can write some posts!

We have been in our house for almost 6 months now and it is finally starting to feel like we are really settled.   I recently bought a picture for the living room wall, a big one, since all I had before were too small to look right on a big empty wall.  I still need to reorganize practically every closet, especially with it being about time to switch out the winter clothes for the summer ones.  I also want to get the basement and garage organized.   They have been “the last frontier” so far since we were focusing on getting unpacked in the fall and then it turned too cold to spend much time in those places working.  Some friends of ours from church are redoing some things in their house and they gave us a big cabinet with drawers and a countertop as well as a tall, deep cabinet that will be perfect for all kinds of things.  Now that I have that sitting there empty, I am motivated to get to work and get things rearranged.  I am planning for this cabinet to hold extra school and craft supplies, maybe games, and hopefully lots more!  It will really help in getting the current craft closet cleaned out and ready for when we move Alley into that room when Megan moves in with Dresden at some point.   I am hoping for some warm weather this week so I can get down in the basement and get started!

One of the things we were most excited about when we bought this house was having enough space to host things and have people into our home.  It was really impossible to do that in our apartment and we really wanted to be more hospitable.  So, in the last 9 days we have hosted two big events.  First we had our small group from church here for one of our regular twice-monthly meetings.  There were 15 adults in our family room and nine kids playing upstairs!  Then, just a couple days later, I was asked to host the monthly Ladies Craft Night since the lady originally scheduled couldn’t do it.  I agreed and I think there were 13 women plus me and Alley.  We set up a big table in the living room so there would be enough space for all the scrapbookers and jewelry makers to do what they needed to do.  It was fun and I hope to have many more occassions to have a house filled with people!

Dresden said something funny as we were sitting together waiting for the ladies to arrive for Craft Night and waiting for Grandpa to arrive to pick up her and Liam.  She said, “I never was a cowboy.  Or a…a…a sheep-help.”   I said, “What?”   and she said, “A sheep-help.”  And I said, “A shepherd?”   And she said, “Yes, a shepherd, like Jesus!”  I love it when they come up with new words or phrases that are so perfect!  We are His sheep and we definitely need His help!

Megan is rapidly approaching her first birthday!  She will be ONE on the 27th.  So far, I haven’t nailed down plans for a celebration but we’ll figure out something, I am sure!  She isn’t walking yet but she does stand on her own quite often throughout the day and has taken a few small steps.  She has also learned to climb the stairs and is actually quite fast at it!  I had to take some time to teach her how to turn around and go feet first to go back down the stairs and she does fairly well at that but sometimes she goes too fast and I am afraid she will sit up and fall onto the hard floor below so I spend much time going behind her.  Pretty soon, I think she will be good enough to do it on her own and I won’t have to follow her everywhere she goes!

Life is busy but good.  We are looking forward to warmer weather so we can enjoy our yard and our deck.  We are so thankful to have a place that meets our needs so well!049024038064


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