Sweet Sisters

January 23, 2009

Lately Alley has been very helpful with Dresden.  She has been giving her baths, which is a huge help to me and she says Alley gives her “gentle” baths…I guess that means mine aren’t so gentle…??  🙂

Last night Dresden was in my bathroom while I was putting on a little make-up before going to our church small group and she said something about Alley helping her with something, I can’t remember what it was now, but I asked her if she thanked Alley and she said, ” Yes, Alley is a nice, nice, nice, nice girl.”  She said it slowly, like she was saying several different things about Alley but could only think of “nice”!  It was very sweet!

Alley has also been reading The Babysitters Club books that I read when I was about her age and so she is trying to “practice”.  I have told her it will be awhile until she is really old enough to take on the big responsibility of babysitting officially.  She did keep all the little kids, including Megan, entertained in the basement of the house we were at last night for small group and she did a great job.  She is growing up MUCH too quickly!dscn1913


2 Responses to “Sweet Sisters”

  1. Lyle Burton said

    They are all growing up way too fast!! But of course, that’s what their mom and aunts did.

  2. Jane B. said

    That is such a sweet blog. I love it when I see my girls relationship with each other grow. There is nothing like sisters!!! Thanks for the update…

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