25 Random Things About Me

January 14, 2009

Okay, my sister tagged me for this so I’ll give it a try!

1. I have 2 sisters and if you take the numbers for my birthday (3-19) and my next sister’s birthday (8-4) and add them together (month with month and day with day), they add up to my last sister’s birthday (11-23).

2.  I made it to 30 years old before losing a grandparent.

3.  I read Little Women in 4th grade.

4.  I have lived in six states, some multiple times.

5. I have lived in Europe.

6.  Even though I lived in both New York state and California in my childhood, I did not fly on an airplane until my 24th birthday.

7. On my 24th birthday, I flew to Germany to move there.

8.  I was the first baby born on St. Joseph’s Day in St. Joseph’s hospital in Kansas City, MO and I had my picture in the paper with nuns to celebrate!

9.  I could eat Italian food every day!

10.  My favorite movie snack is Junior Mints and I’m not a fan of popcorn.

11.  I have had one baby without pain medication. (and three WITH pain medication!)

12.  I have no musical talent whatsoever.

13.  I enjoy reading, writing, and proofreading/editing…anything to do with words.

14.  I got engaged and married exactly one year apart.

15.  I have never been hospitalized for anything other than having babies.

16.  I have two fake teeth to fill in spots left after braces.

17.  I like to watch 24 and LOST with Michael after they come out on DVD (yay for Netflix!) so we can watch all the episodes in a short period of time instead of watching them with the rest of the world on TV! 🙂

18.  I went to Paris for 19 hours and did not see the Mona Lisa or go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  I did see the outside of the Louvre and I stood underneath the Eiffel Tower.  Awesome.

19. I enjoy rubber stamping as a hobby.

20.  I drink my coffee black.

21.  I hardly ever wear lipstick.

22.  I love homeschooling my kids and watching them learn new things…I learn new things, too!

23.  I like keeping up with old friends on facebook/blogs.

24.  I collect “grape” things for my kitchen and Eiffel tower/Paris things for my bedroom and plates from the different countries we have visited.

25.  My sisters are two of my best friends…we’ve shared so many unique experiences over the years during all of our moves and I talk to them both at least twice a week even though we live far apart.

I’m going to tag Alley, my 10 year old daughter, to do this on her blog.  http://alleygator.zooblogs.com.  She can consider it a school assignment!  🙂


One Response to “25 Random Things About Me”

  1. Heidi said

    Well, I guess I am one of your best friends because I knew everyone of those things! 🙂 But, I still loved reading it on here. love ya.

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