American Boy

November 9, 2008

I have to share something Liam said today that was funny..even though he didn’t realize it!

Alley has been saving up money for several months to buy a doll.  The doll she has been planning to buy is a doll similar to American Girl dolls but made by a Christian company.  Yesterday she attended a American Girl Tea Party at the library right here by our house and she dressed up and she took my American Girl doll (now 18 years old) along with her.  So, this afternoon, she was wondering if maybe she should save up some more money and buy an American Girl doll since so many of her friends have them.  We began discussing the dolls around the lunch table and Liam, like a good brother, gave his opinion based on the limited American Girl knowledge he has but then he said, “But I’m a boy, so American Girl dolls aren’t my cup of tea.” Spoken like a boy surrounded by many sisters and who has been invited to many “tea parties” hosted by those sisters!  (He comes, but only for the snacks!) He really is a great brother. But never fear, when he is not drinking tea (or participating in one of Alley’s plays), he can usually be found pretending to be Indiana Jones or trying to talk his sisters into playing football!


2 Responses to “American Boy”

  1. Jane B. said

    That is s cute…what did she decide??? I am sure his opinion was valued by his big sister. He is a good little/big brother…

  2. Heidi said

    So funny!! Love it 🙂

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