November 7, 2008

Well, today I went to the dentist for the first time in probably three years.  The kids have dental coverage but I don’t, not since the Army-days.  Anyway, recently there were a few teeth that were bothering me and I finally broke down and made an appointment with a dentist who grew up in the same church as my parents but whom I had only met a time or two in my childhood.  She is a Christian and as soon as I told her who I was, she hugged me!  She looked at the pictures of my teeth and at my actual teeth and said that it looked like two of my back teeth needed build up and crowns and POSSIBLY root canals, too, which she won’t know for sure about until after she looks further in my next appointment.  They gave me an estimate of cost, including the root canals, and it is not a number I can easily handle.  They did say they give discounts to people who pay without insurance and since the dentist knows my mom and dad, she said she would help all she could but this is still going to be a HUGE expense that we were not planning for.  So….if you read this blog, please pray that God will provide for this.  It would help ALOT if I don’t need root canals because they are each about $900 and the crowns are expensive enough on their own so please pray that it is not to that point yet.  I am going back Monday so hopefully I will know more then.

Thank you for your prayers!


One Response to “Teeth”

  1. Heidi said

    yes, we’ll definitely be praying that God will help tokeep the costs as minimal as possible. I know these unexpected costs can be really difficult….just when you think you’re getting a little bit caught up…!

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