Another One Post

November 2, 2008

I know this blog is a poor excuse for a baby book but sometimes its the best I can do!

Dresden has recently been talking more and more and she has gotten in the habit of saying “one” after the adjective and before the main noun of whatever it is she is describing or talking about.  For example, she always tells people she wants them to see her “pink one room”.   She will say, “I want to wear my new one shirt.”   She sometimes says, “I want another one cookie.”  The funniest example was a couple of weeks ago when we met one of our new neighbors.  The woman was wearing a blue jacket.  Dresden had just discovered a pink doll stroller among our stored things and wanted to show it to the neighbor.  She ran into the garage to get the stroller but by the time she came out, the woman had walked home.  She said, “I want to show my pink one stroller to the blue one lady!”  So funny!

Megan is now 7 months old and is sitting up on her own very well.  She leans forward to try to grab things beyond her reach and often falls onto her stomach in the process.  I suspect it will not be long until she is crawling and then my life will get even more crazy!


One Response to “Another One Post”

  1. mom said

    another one comment……I am glad you posted this. It is soooo Dresden!

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