Getting Settled

October 8, 2008

Well, I thought I had a blog entry almost ready to post on here but I can’t seem to find it…so I guess I will start over!

It has been busy around here!  We moved in 10 days ago and we are still far from settled!  There are still boxes in almost every room, no pictures have been hung yet, the laminate floor project is still being worked on but we are getting laundry done, meals cooked and some school done, too!  I am trying to get it looking much better by the time another 10 days passes but that will take alot of work on my part!  I have also been busy this week with various things involved with changing our address and our car insurance, etc.  I am now also having to wash dishes by hand since our dishwasher has decided that it would be a good idea to dump all the soap in the front corner and not actually USE it to wash the dishes!  Thankfully, our appliances are under a temporary warranty through our home inspector and so today a repairman came out.  He thinks it is the motor not pumping water at the right times but there is a possibility that instead of replacing it, they will just give us a certain amount of money to go towards a new dishwasher.  I was not really planning on getting a new dishwasher right now but since this one is about 10 years old and I wasn’t really happy with it from the beginning, it might be nice to get something I will like better for a long time.  We’ll see what happens!

We are really enjoying NOT walking up two flights of stairs all the time and it is SO nice to not have laundry piling up in the kitchen and so nice to let the dog out by just opening a door!  It is nice to have extra space and to not feel like we are always on top of each other.  Some things have definitely changed with the extra space and we are figuring these things out and making the needed adjustments.  For example, in the apartment, I kept Megan’s diapers in one place…near the playpen, since the playpen was near the bathroom and in the living room and I always changed her and dressed her there after a bath.  Here, I am having to keep some diapers near the playpen in the family room and some in the linen closet near the bathroom upstairs so I can easily change her there after a bath.  Also, we now have 4 doors that we can enter or leave our house through and we are having to remember to make sure each door is locked before bed and before leaving the house.  In the apartment, we had one way in and out…the front door!

I am loving having a yard and a hose!  I washed all my floor mats from the van this weekend and let them dry in the sun and today I washed a shelf that was left here by the previous owner that I may use in my craft closet.  Having lived in houses all of my childhood, I am being reminded of how nice it is to have those things easily and readily available.

It’s getting late but I’ll try to post a few pics here…for those of you on facebook, there are more there.


One Response to “Getting Settled”

  1. mom said

    I am so very happy for you all! It is so great to see you in your new home. It was fun helping pick out the colors of some of the rooms. The house looks so amazingly different than it did before you all put your personal tastes and touches in it! I especially love the dining room. You need to pose a picture of it on here!
    Love Mom

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