September 27, 2008

Today is the day!  We are finally moving into a house that is big enough for our family!  We have had the keys for about a week and a half and we have been overseeing (and actually doing) various home improvement projects to try to rid this house of the 1970s feel before our big move today.  We have stripped wallpaper, pulled up carpet, watched a big painting crew paint almost the entire interior of the house, watched a guy remove old carpet and lay new carpet, and Michael has spent many hours on his knees installing a laminate floor in the family room.  It is all coming together and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product when we are settled.  Monday is the day I have set aside to clean the apartment and to walk down those two long flights of steps for the last time!  I have been thankful for a place to live and we made two years of memories there but we are very glad to be moving on now to a place with a backyard for the kids, a garage for getting the kids in and out of the car in bad weather, a basement for storage and protection in tornado weather AND 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths.  God has blessed us!

I wanted to mention something Dresden said yesterday…I took the stained glass tulip my grandpa made for me out of my window yesterday and seeing the hand-etched words on the back “TO TARA 7-2005 FROM GRANDPA BURTON” with a little etched heart, made me cry a little and Dresden asked me what was wrong.  I told her I was missing Grandpa and she teared up a little too and then that reminded her of her cousins who were here during the funeral and she she told me she wanted to go to Grant’s house “to-now”!  So we now have “today, tomorrow, tonight, and tonow!”

I have to go get my day started, we are loading the truck in a few hours and I have lots to do!  I’ll post some “before and after” pics soon!


One Response to “MOVING!”

  1. Jana said

    Tara, I wish I could be there too, so see it all coming together and to help you get organized and settled. I am looking forward to our next trip to KC where you get to show off your house to us then!

    God has blessed you and I know you’ve waited a long time to have all those things you mentioned and I know you will appreciate them more than most do…I’m really excited and thrilled for you guys and am so happy that you are getting to MOVE IN finally! Love you!!

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