6 Weeks

September 8, 2008

It has been six weeks since my grandpa passed away and I am really missing him.  In two days, I am taking my kids to Grandma’s for lunch and we are going to eat the same meal we ate the last time we had lunch there with both of them, about 2 months ago.  It will not be easy to know that he is not going to come up the stairs from the basement and give me a hug in the kitchen and that he won’t say, “You little sweetie!” to Megan this time and that he won’t fall asleep in his chair after he helps Grandma clean the kitchen.  

I am doing okay most of the time but it is still never far from my thoughts and sometimes, unexpectedly, the grief overtakes me, almost in a different way now than when it was fresh.  I think that is because I am starting to realize how much life has changed and that it will never be like it was before ever again.  I am still thankful for the blessings from God in the midst of the loss but it still hurts tremendously.

This morning I was thinking about Grandpa and I was wondering if I got a good picture of him holding Megan when they came to the hospital to see her in March.  Then, just a few minutes ago I was looking through some pictures online and this one came up…a little gift from God on a day when I am missing my Grandpa.

Grandpa holding his 7th great-grandchild, Megan Hope

Grandpa holding his 7th great-grandchild, Megan Hope


3 Responses to “6 Weeks”

  1. Dad said

    I can relate to every one of those thoughts and feelings you shared. It is strange how, after six weeks, we really do grieve differently than we did when the pain was so recent and fresh. I love you!

  2. Jana said

    Thanks for that post, the picture and for sharing it with us today. I know sometimes it isn’t in the front of my mind because I am so far away, but I still can’t believe he is gone, FOREVER. I’m just so thankful we will get to see him again someday!

  3. Mom said

    I was there at lunch today (the day you mentioned at the beginning) too, and you described the feelings perfectly. It is so NOT NORMAL for him to not be there, but I am so grateful that we have HOPE because of Christ, or this would be more than we could bare. What a great picture! What a gift! God’s personalness amazes me sometimes!

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