A Quick Update

September 3, 2008

I am taking a few minutes out of a very busy day-week-month- to write a quick update!  Things are on track, as of now, for closing on our new house on September 15, which is precisely why this month is so busy!  I have lots and lots of phone calls to make and boxes to pack and arrangements to make and paint colors to pick and the list goes on and on!  We also started back to school yesterday, which takes lots of my time.  I think the kids are enjoying being back in the routine even though they won’t admit it !  We have a few new things we are using this year and so far, they approve!  It does prove a little more difficult to focus when there is a 5 month old baby squealing in the playpen while I am trying to teach but we’re making it so far!

The plan now is to close on the 15th, have the house painted on the interior by a guy from church and his crew for about a week after that, have new carpet laid in the bedrooms, hopefully install laminate floor in the family room ourselves and move into the house by the 27th of this month.  We then have to clean the apartment and turn in the keys by the 30th.  As of now, I have not even packed one box, although I did buy packing tape yesterday!  I am also trying to keep food in the house, meals cooked and cleaned up, laundry going, school going, a baby fed and happy, as well as attending church and school activities and SLEEPING!

My short break is over so I have to get back to the kids and the books….keep us in your prayers!!!


2 Responses to “A Quick Update”

  1. Dad said

    You certainly have a full schedule. Try not to be overwhelmed by everything. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in anything you need. Love you!

  2. Jana said

    Wow, you know if I was there I would be coming to help! Just reading your post makes me feel overwhelmed FOR YOU! I will pray that you will get it all done and have the help you need along the way!

    Love ya, oh and congrats on the HOUSE!

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