Last Day in Single Digits!

August 12, 2008

Tomorrow, August 13, is Alley’s LAST day to be 9 years old!  On Thursday, she will be 10 years old!!  It is a big milestone to complete a whole decade of life and begin a new one that will be filled with many more changes. She is really growing up but I am not going to say too much now since I am planning a longer post for her birthday.  She mentioned earlier today that she only had one more day to be 9 so I thought I would commemorate that on here for her!


2 Responses to “Last Day in Single Digits!”

  1. Jana said

    I can’t believe how old she is! I still remember VIVIDLY the day she came home from the hospital and Michael set her carseat on the couch and Heidi and I just knelt down in front of her and just stared at her in ABSOLUTE AWE!! The time is flying a little too fast for my taste. 🙂 Tell Gator I love her…and I’ll be calling her SOON!

  2. heidi said

    MAN! I remember my last day being 9 and what a big deal that was to me! (it doesn’t even seem like THAT long ago!!) Give Alley a big hug today…your last 9 yr old hugs 😦 I’m going to cry! Okay–well enjoy your 9 year old and you know she’ll be getting lots of phonecalls tomorrow so get any business you need to do on your cellphone done today!!

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