Road Trip!

July 22, 2008

The kids and I, along with my mom, are on a road trip that is going to last about 2 weeks!  We headed out from Kansas City on Friday morning early and drove to Arkansas to visit with my uncle and aunt and cousin a little before heading to Alabama to see Heidi and her family on Sunday.  We were here all day yesterday, talking, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and reminding them to “shut the door” so as not to let the HOT Alabama heat INSIDE!  We ate good food and had fun.  This morning my mom and Alley headed to Atlanta to see Jana and Kane and Mara Kate for a couple of days.  I was just there in May so it was simpler for me to stay here with Heidi and the little kids.  They will come back here on Thursday with Jana and MK in tow and to prepare for Olivia’s first birthday celebration on Saturday.  Liam and Olivia are “birthday neighbors” and so on Sunday, Liam’s 7th birthday, we will celebrate again.  ( I really can’t believe he is just days away from seven but he lost one of his teeth this morning, so I guess that is proof!)  We will be heading back home next week, after a day or two of recovery from all the excitement and will stop again at my uncle and aunt’s house for one last break before we return to reality!

Heidi and I are seriously contemplating taking all these kids out this afternoon to take advantage of the last day of a great sale and we have a few other shopping trips planned for the next few days, maybe with Uncle Jeph supervising the troops at home!  We have lots more meals to cook, pictures to take and memories to make and we are looking forward to it all!

Stay tuned…I will post pictures of the trip when I get back to my camera cord!

P.S.  Megan is getting pretty good at rolling over!


One Response to “Road Trip!”

  1. Dad said

    It sounds like you are having lots of fun. I wish I was there! Be safe.

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