A Benefit of NOT deleting old emails!

July 15, 2008

My inbox in Yahoo has ALOT of emails in it…most are old and I will never need them again.  Some I have never even read because they are from some mailing list that I don’t have time to keep up with.  I do need to delete most of them but hanging on to old emails came in handy last night.

Two and a half months ago, we bought a nice leather recliner from craigslist.  The couple we bought it from live way across on the opposite side of Kansas City, in a suburb we are hardly ever in.  Last night, we lost our remote control and Michael was reaching around behind the seat of the recliner to see if it had fallen in.  Instead he found a Comcast remote that was not ours!  I first went to my daytimer to see if I had written their number on the page for the day we called about the chair but I couldn’t find it.  I checked my emails, searching for “recliner” and it came up!  I emailed them and they were very thankful that we had found it and that we contacted them.  Michael happened to be filling in at a bank very near their neighborhood today so I sent the remote with him and then emailed to let the couple know he was nearby.  They stopped by the bank and picked it up from Michael.

It was nice to know that we were able to get it back to them with very little trouble and they were glad to have it back…all thanks to me NOT deleting my emails!

All the kids around the recliner

All the kids around the recliner


One Response to “A Benefit of NOT deleting old emails!”

  1. Heidi said

    Yay for keeping your inbox full! I have over 500 in my aol inbox because they stopped automatically deleting e-mails. I only have one unread, but I just don’t go delete all the unnecessary ones and they’re piling up!

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