4th of July

July 12, 2008

This year we didn’t make many ahead of time plans for the 4th. We were going to a cookout on Saturday at my parent’s house so we were going to keep Friday pretty low key. That morning I was checking a few blogs and one mentioned going to a parade so I checked the website for our little town and saw that they had one starting at 10am. So, I told the kids we could go. We headed out and found the general area where it was going to be by following other cars. We had to park several blocks from where we needed to be so that was fun with 4 kids! The parade itself was not exactly what I had imagined, it was pretty much local politicians riding on the backs of convertibles waving and asking for votes in August! There were a couple of bands, old cars, new cars, horses, military tanks, lots and lots and lots of Shriners, and more politicians. We arrived with no chairs, no bags for candy, and a half full bottle of Cherry Coke that I grabbed. We sat down on the edge of the street, with Megan in her stroller, and waited for it to begin. The people next to us had chairs and little paper bags with the names of the kids on them to collect the candy that was thrown or handed out during the parade. We were very unprepared but we had fun anyway! On the way back to the van, Dresden fell down and scraper her knee on the sidewalk so that wasn’t fun. The stroller was filled with empty candy wrappers and brochures and advertisements from all kinds of places and people.

There is a nice fireworks display very near our apartment complex every year and we can see it just fine by walking out to the road so we did that again this year but this time my mom and dad joined us. It was nice not to have to load up the kids and fight traffic to see the show. No pictures of the fireworks but they were beautiful!


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