Book Review

June 9, 2008

Recently, we have been getting DVDs of old TV shows from the 80s from Netflix for the kids to enjoy some of the good ol’ family shows we enjoyed when we were kids. We are currently watching Full House and I told Alley and Liam that Candace Cameron (DJ on the show) is a Christian and that her brother, Kirk, is a Christian, too. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across something on the internet about Kirk Cameron’s autobiography that just came out. I requested it from my library and was interested to read more details of how he became a Christian and what his life has been like since his Growing Pains days. I just finished the book tonight and I really enjoyed it. I do differ from him on some points of theology but it was a real encouragement to see what God has done in his life over the last 20 years. He has been married to his wife for 17 years and they have 6 children, four of whom are adopted. He and his wife and children host Camp Firefly each summer in Georgia for children with terminal diseases and their families. He has taken a stand for Christ at times when it would be very difficult to do in Hollywood. His newest film is Fireproof , coming out in September, made by the same people who made Facing the Giants and Flywheel.

You can find out more about him, his book, Fireproof, his family and what he is doing now at


One Response to “Book Review”

  1. Heidi said

    I think I told you that I recently saw Candace on the Today Show and she was really impressive and ‘unashamed’ also….I bet she and Kirk have a great relationship..I’ll have to check out that book. Love the new blog pic of the kiddos!! Soo sweet! Miss and love y’all!

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