June 6, 2008

It is after 10 pm and I am tired (I was up until after midnight last night making sure the tornado watch was really over and then up again at 7:00am in order to get myself and 4 children ready to leave for the eye doctor by 8:30am!) but Megan is happy in her swing at the moment after a kinda fussy night so I am grabbing my opportunity to blog a little!

My last post was about turning 30. I must say that the anticipation of that big day was worse than actually BEING thirty has been. Just 8 short days after my birthday, our fourth child (and third daughter), Megan Hope, was born. She was my biggest baby yet at 8lbs 5 oz but she has been my best sleeper so far. I think that taking care of a newborn has kept my mind off the fact that I recently entered a new decade! Megan is a very sweet baby and gets lots of attention, especially from her big sister, Dresden. She has just started smiling recently and “talking” to us.

Since my last post, Dresden had a birthday. She is now 3 years old and quite the challenge. Yesterday, she did not obey as quickly as she should have and Michael was talking to her about obeying immediately. After he got done, I asked her who wanted her to obey. She said, “Mommy”, and I said, “Who else?” She said, “Daddy”, and I said,”Yes, but who else?” (trying to get her to say Jesus) and she said, “Uncle Jeph.” (my sister Heidi’s husband, who we recently saw in Birmingham.) I think she remembered Jeph telling my nephew to obey immediately!

Alley and Liam also recently started their own blogs. They were asking for blogs and as a homeschool mom, I did not want to deny them an opportunity to write when they wanted to so I started looking around for a kid-friendly blog site, not even knowing if what I was looking for actually existed. After a couple of tries on sites I didn’t end up liking, we found zoobuh.com. They have kids email accounts and blogs for only $1 a month per child. It is advertisement-free and very simple and easy to use. Their customer service has been very good, too.

Liam lost his first tooth recently…a front bottom tooth. The adult tooth is coming in just like mine did…with very distinct “saw blades”! He has a few more loose ones that he is pretty excited about!

A couple of weeks ago, I flew to Atlanta with Dresden and Megan to take a week “off” from the craziness of housework, laundry, errands, etc. I went to see my sister, Jana, while her husband was out of town with his dad. While there, we all went to Birmingham to spend a few days with my other sister, Heidi, and her family. It was a fun week and both girls did great on the flights.

Today was a beautiful Kansas City day and we took advantage of it by taking a picnic lunch to our nearby park. The kids ate and played for awhile and then we stopped at the library and got a big stack of books for some summer reading. We are looking forward to soon having our own backyard to enjoy the pretty days. (We are house hunting, hoping to find something in time to be out of our apartment when our lease is up in September.)

Good news! I just realized, while uploading these photos, that wordpress has made it about 100 times easier than it used to be to post photos to the blog…I no longer have to resize each picture I want to use before posting it which SHOULD make it much easier for me to blog regularly! Now, I’m off to bed!!!!Dresden \Megan and her great grandpa


3 Responses to “Update….finally!”

  1. Aunt Jane said

    I am so glad you finally updated to tell me how the Branson household is doing. I check your blog often…not much new to read lately. I do realize a new baby and being the 4th can take up your time, but I enjoyed reading…what are the kids website addresses? Can hardly wait to hold Megan. We have a gift for her which will be in the mail soon.

  2. Heidi said

    Hey!! I love the update! We had so much fun with y’all while you were here, even though we missed Alley, Liam and Michael. I love that story about Dresden thinking of Jeph right after his own Mommy and Daddy…too cute. I love that girl! Can’t wait to see you next month!

  3. Dad said

    Great post. It’s amazing how much can happen in such a short amount of time!

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