January 22, 2008

dscn0850a.jpgI mentioned in a post from right before Christmas that our family was going to be participating in lighting a candle for advent at our church. We did it on Sunday, December 23. Michael gave a short testimony about the advent tree we use as a family during the month of December, which includes Scripture readings and putting felt cut-outs on a felt Christmas tree-shaped background. Then Alley read the Scripture to go with the candle we lit. She stood behind the pulpit, where no one could see her since she is shorter than the pulpit, and she read the passage PERFECTLY. Her voice was clear and strong and she didn’t stumble or hesitate over any words. We were very proud of her and we received so many comments about her reading over the next couple of Sundays. One lady who was visiting our church that day even asked if she was homeschooled and I said yes. She said, “I’m a teacher, I can always tell the homeschooled ones.” I thought that was interesting and it was an encouragement, even though I take no credit for her good job. Homeschooling is hard work and God is faithful to give encouragement just when we need it!


2 Responses to “Advent”

  1. Jana said

    Tara, I’m requesting that you post an updated pregnancy picture soon!!!

  2. Jana said

    Still requesting…:)

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