Mommy, I Love You

January 21, 2008

dscn0903a.jpgHere is yet another post about Dresden! It’s not that my other children are not doing or saying things worthy of remembering but Dresden is at that indescribably cute age where she is saying and doing lots every day to reveal her little personality and her growing grasp of the English language. I want to record as many as I can here for my own benefit and you can read it if you want!

One of the things that she says often (and I mean MANY times a day) is, “Mommy, I love you.” She says it randomly, when she thinks of it, even if she just said it 5 minutes before. She sometimes says it this way, “I love you TOO much!” She thinks she is saying SO much but that’s how it comes out and it is very precious. She doesn’t say it only to me, Michael gets a fair share of this as well, and even Alley and Liam and others hear it sometimes. I know she will outgrow this and I won’t always get to hear her say this so sweetly so many times in each day so I am trying to remember it and enjoy it as long as it lasts.

She is a challenge in ways the other two never were and she taxes my patience many times a day but she balances it out with her sweet hugs and kisses and words of love! She is also speaking in more and more sentences and using bigger words and even displaying an “attitude” sometimes. The other morning she took a drink of water and then said, “Dee-licious!” Also, this morning, she was upset at Michael for correcting her and she stomped towards her bedroom saying, “I go my room!” I was a little surprised to hear that from the mouth of a two and a half year old! She definitely keeps us on our toes!


One Response to “Mommy, I Love You”

  1. Jana said

    So Sweet! Mara Kate sometimes says things I didn’t know a 2 year old could say—it is fun to remember them and watch them as their vocabulary grows and grows almost daily! Love ya!

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