Christmas in KC

January 8, 2008


These are a few pictures from our Christmas this year.  At the top is Alley and Daddy riding in a pumpkin carriage on the Kansas City Plaza.  Alley has wanted to do this for several years and this year it was her Christmas gift from us.  Thankfully, this last weekend was warmer and they headed down there Saturday night.  They had to get on the list and then wait two hours until their turn!  But Alley says it was worth the wait!

The next picture is a shot of the famous Kansas City Plaza.

My Uncle Ross and Aunt Jane and Anna Beth came to Kansas City for a few days after Christmas to visit and we were able to spend lots of time with them.  This is a picture of the kids having fun with Uncle Ross and Aunt Jane.

Last but not least, Alley and Liam both participated in the Nativity Pageant at church.  Alley was a cow (I’m not sure if there were Holstein cows in Bethlehem, but…) and Liam was Joseph.  They both did great and had lots of fun!


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