November 30, 2007

My sister tagged me to do this a few days ago so I thought I better get it done!

8 Things I Am Passionate About

1. God and His Word

2. Living life according to His Word, even in little things (with His strength, of course!)

3. homeschooling my kids and protecting our right to continue to do that

4. teaching my children about God and life and how to apply God’s Word to every circumstance they face

5. my family and staying close to them, even across the miles

6. trying to stay organized, spend wisely and keep my house generally clean, trying to make a nice home for my family

7. church involvement, doing my part in building the body of Christ

8. rubber stamping

8 Things I Say Often

1. “Good morning” to my kids as they come out of their rooms

2. “Get to the table for school!”

3. “Put your laundry away, please.”

4. “Have you done your chores?”

5. “Hush, Piper!” (to the dog when she barks unnecessarily)

6. “What are you doing, little girl?” (to Dresden)

7. “Gosh!”

8. “I love you so much, too.” (to Dresden after she tells me she loves me “too much”)

I’m sure you can tell I spend most of my time talking to kids!

8 Things I’ve Read Recently

1. The Preacher’s Daughter by Beverly Lewis

2. The Englisher by Beverly Lewis

3. The Brethren by Beverly Lewis

4. hand-me-down Reader’s Digest from my grandma

5. Sunrise and Summer, both by Karen Kingsbury

6. Sunday Clothes by Thom Lemmons

7. Bible and various Bible Study books

8. blogs!

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. See my children grow up and have their own families

2. Go back to Europe and take Dresden to Dresden, Germany

3. Go on a cruise

4. Celebrate lots of anniversaries and birthdays!

5. Continue in sanctification

6. Buy a house with a yard and a garage and hopefully a basement

7. Travel to places in the US I have never been

8. Save more money

8 Songs I Can Listen to Over and Over

1. Dresden singing “Jesus Loves Me”

2. Be Thou My Vision

3. Since I can’t think of many individual songs, I will just mention a few cds, singers or groups I like: Indelible Grace

4. Nathan Clark George

5. Steve Green kids cds…they help me memorize Scripture too!

6. Patmos

7. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas

8. Other good Christmas cds

8 Things That Attract Me to My Friends

1. Their faith and love for God

2. Similar interests/beliefs

3. Similar life situations and perspectives

4. Sense of humor

5. encouragement

6. loving, trustworthy

7. easy to talk to

8. humility, self-sacrificing

8 Things I have Learned in the Last Year

1. I CAN live in a 3rd floor apartment with 3 kids!

2. God provides what you need when you need it, usually better than you could have done yourself

3. I enjoy living in Kansas City again when there was a time that I thought I would prefer other places

4. I CAN drive confidently on the highways of a big city!

5. Kids are always learning things!

6. History is more interesting the second time around!

7. It is possible to completely rearrange and reorganize 2 kids bedrooms in about 48 hours, including setting up new beds!

8. God’s timing is always right.

I am not tagging anyone because I think everyone who reads my blog has already been tagged!


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