November 16, 2007

dscn0815a.jpgdscn0810a.jpgdscn0666a.jpgdscn0651a.jpgDresden is talking more and more every day. It is always so much fun to watch them attempt to communicate all that they have been taking in during their first two years of life. She is still in the stage where she needs some interpreting when she is talking to people who are not around her 24 hours/day but it is getting clearer to all very quickly!

(WARNING: this post might be a little boring to those who do not know and love her but it is mostly to help me to keep track of some of the things she is saying now before she moves on and I forget them!)

She LOVES animals of all kinds and has thoroughly enjoyed our trips to the zoo this year. The elephants are one of her favorites and she calls them “eths”. She has just started adding another syllable to it, making it “ethen”. She also says “hip-poo”, “jaff”, and “pea-ca-cock”.

She has just recently started telling us all that she loves us. She will say, “I la Mommy, I la Daddy, I la “Addey” , I la “Neem”. (She calls Alley “Addey” and Liam “Neem”.) Sometimes she says, “I la so much!”

She knows there is a new baby in my tummy and she calls it “the tummy baby”. The other day she said, “Yisten, Yisten!…. tummy baby come out, I hold dat one!”

She calls herself “Dezzen” and last night I called her a sweet girl and she said, “No, I Dezzen!”

She tries to count but it usually comes out “for, fi, six, go!” She has been adding “I like…” to the beginning of lots of her words. She is just generally communicating more and more and we are all enjoying talking to her.

The other day, Liam got his feelings hurt over something and he was crying a little bit. She went in the bedroom where he was and said, “Stop a-cyin NOW!” (Stop crying now!) He couldn’t help but laugh as he came to tell us what she said!


2 Responses to “Dresden-isms”

  1. Mom said

    So sweet. It is especially sweet to hear
    I la Mimi! I la so much! Music to my ears!

  2. Jana said

    SO sweet. I laughed out loud picturing her saying some of these things! So HER! We love you guys and miss you too!!!

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