Welcome to my new niece!

July 26, 2007

Most of you who read this blog already know the exciting news…we have a new family member!  My niece, Olivia Claire Guinan, daughter of my sister Heidi and her husband, Jeph, was born this afternoon.  We have been waiting for her since Thanksgiving Day and she is finally here.  🙂 Now, we are anxiously awaiting a few pictures to be emailed to us as soon as SOMEONE can get home to download them!!! 🙂  We are really excited about being able to see her in person and hold her in about 15 days when we go there on our vacation.

She was due to be born tomorrow which would have made her “birthday buddies” with Liam, my son who turns 6 tomorrow but she decided she would rather have her own birthday and came today!  It turns out that she was born in the room right next door to the room where Liam was born in the same hospital 6 years ago!  So, I guess they can be “birthday neighbors” instead!

We love you, Olivia!


Aunt Tara, Uncle Michael and your very excited cousins Alley, Liam and Dresden


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