July 10, 2007


I have been meaning to write more about Dresden since she seems to change by the minute sometimes and I don’t want to forget all the cute things she is doing! But as usual, I am behind in what I want to get done!

* She likes to talk on the phone and has started saying ” ello!” first thing..she sounds very British!

* She now says “Awrigh” when I ask her to do something. It sounds much more grown up than her former “O-tay” and I am sure that is why she switched!

* She likes to try to eat those famous summer-time popsicles in a plastic sleeve but can’t quite figure out how to push it up as she eats it. She handed one to me one day last week and I pushed it up and then took a little bite and she frowned and said, “He-ey…don’ eat!” One of her first complete sentences.

* She is very determined to do things herself, like buckle her carseat, put on her shirt, and even change her own diaper even though she is usually unsuccessful in her attempts. She is always saying, “I twy! I twy!” I usually let her give it a shot, unless I am in a big hurry!

* She loves the water at the pool and doesn’t seem to be a bit afraid

* She is figuring out the Sit N Spin.

* She is speaking in more and more 3 word sentences, even if they aren’t all completely understandable.

* She is learning to count and almost has the first 10 numbers down. She also tries to sing the ABC song, more by inflecting her voice with the song than saying the actual letters.

* If we ask her how old she is, she holds up two fingers and says, “I FWEE!” She knows she is really two and gets a big kick out of our reaction when she pronounces herself a year older! I guess that universal childhood desire to be older starts earlier than I realized!

Overall, she is a joy to our lives. She is always doing something new that we all find incredibly cute and funny. She loves to dance and jump and gallop across the room and she has lately started holding her thumb and pointer fingers on each hand in a sideways V near her eyes and “snapping” pictures of all of us!


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