A Good Find

July 10, 2007


Sometimes I am amazed at the way God provides things I didn’t even know I really wanted or needed and definitely didn’t pray for. A little more than a week ago, the family in the apartment 2 floors below us moved out and left several items on their patio. I didn’t think much of it at first, thinking they might be back to get them but when the next weekend passed and they were still there, I noticed that among the things was an organizing cart on wheels. It was white with black tubs stacked 6 high with each tub making a drawer. I immediately thought of all my rubber stamping and craft supplies that were taking 2 whole drawers in my filing cabinet as well as a couple of boxes in the corner of the room. I first asked one of the girls in the office if it was going to be thrown away. She said she didn’t know after being gone on vacation all week and that I should check back on Monday. So, on Monday I called the office and got the assistant manager. She said they are supposed to store things left for 30 days before disposing of them but she would check with the manager for me. I went to check our mailbox shortly before the office closed so I popped in there and asked her. She said the manager said to take it if I wanted it. So, I carried it up 2 flights of stairs and then washed all 6 tubs in the bathtub and then scrubbed the outside part in the shower. I took the whole thing out to our balcony to air dry. This morning I filled it up-paper in one drawer, ink pads, markers, pastels and colored pencils in another, dry embossing and wax supplies in another, 2 drawers for stamp sets and the top tub is open so I put things I need to get to more often in there, like my paper cutter, a small amount of white paper, envelopes, and all my little tools like scissors and adhesives. The best part is that it fits nicely in the same corner and I can find everything quickly and easily! It even rolls so I can roll it to the table and have everything in arms reach!


One Response to “A Good Find”

  1. Jana said

    That is awesome! I know you will use that—so cool God provided something so perfect for you–for FREE! 🙂

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