June 4, 2007

buffalo-ranch-misc-056a.jpgmay-2007-015a.jpgmay-2007-011a.jpgbuffalo-ranch-misc-029a.jpgbuffalo-ranch-misc-012a.jpgI knew it had been awhile since I posted anything but I didn’t realize how long until I checked my blog a minute ago!  I have to admit that sometimes I put off posting because I don’t want to take the time to download and resize my pics and I know posts with pics are much more interesting!  I need to be better at taking the time to do this!  Of course, my life with three kids can get rather hectic at times and that is another cause of my lack of posts!

Since last time….

* Our church had a Taco Dinner/silent auction to raise money for the mission trip to Juarez Mexico that some are taking later this summer and I made 8 stamped cards with envelopes to donate to the auction.  Three people bid on them and they sold for $18.

* The kids and I drove WAY out in Kansas (about 45 miles one way) to a buffalo ranch with some other homeschoolers and we learned some interesting things about the buffalo and got to see their herd up close.  The kids also got to taste buffalo jerky and summer sausage.

* Later that evening, we went to a family picnic for our homeschool group and Michael was actually able to attend, thanks to his new and improved schedule.  It was nice to put whole  families together since the kids and I ususally just see the other moms and kids.

* We had our pastor and his family over for dinner and we had a nice few hours of visiting.  It was nice to have a few hours to get to know them better and I was able to introduce his wife to the fun art of dry embossing and she is excited about doing it.   It also inspired me to get my templates out and use them again.  🙂

* The kids and I went to the home of a homeschooling family in our group for a demonstration on the process of growing wheat to making bread.  They each got their own little ball of dough to knead and shape.  It was fun and we got to eat lots of yummy homemade bread right from the oven!  It’s always fun, too, to see the place where each family does their work and what they have on the walls, etc. 

* Later that evening, we attended another picnic at the next shelter house over from the homeschool picnic, this one was with some people from church to say goodbye to a family in our church who is moving to Germany with the Army in a couple of weeks.  We left early and went straight to our flock group (home fellowship group) from church.

* On Memorial Day, we drove out to the cemetery where some of my great grandparents are buried to see all the flags that line their streets.  It is an amazing sight.

* Last Tuesday the kids and I went to my grandma’s house and I went shopping at the thrift store near her house, BY MYSELF, and was able to find a few skirts and a dress for Alley as well as a few new summer things for me.

We didn’t have any real plans for this last weekend so enjoyed just being at home for the most part.  Tomorrow I have to take Dresden to the dentist because one of her “new teeth” (caps) that she just had put on in April came off while I was brushing her teeth last week.  On Wednesday, the kids and I are going to have lunch and visit with my grandparents and then there is a book sale I might go to that evening.  We have home fellowship group again this Friday night.  Life just keeps on going!


One Response to “Update”

  1. Jana said

    Thanks for the update! I always love hearing what is going on with you all and seeing new pics of your kiddos! Love ya!

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