The Personal Hand of God

May 9, 2007


In our “school” here at home, we use several different books that I have chosen, most from different authors and publishers.  We don’t use a pre-packaged curriculum so that makes it even more awesome when our lessons tie beautifully together, in a way that only God could orchestrate.  We have been going through Susan Hunt’s book “Discovering Jesus in Genesis” for our Bible lessons/discussions and we usually read the story on Monday and then discuss different parts of the story, making application to our lives through the other days of the week.  We have also been going through a series of books called Hero Tales as our history over most of this year.  I usually don’t read ahead in these books, I just know how much we usually cover in a day and a week and we move through them together.  Earlier this week, we read several short stories in Hero Tales about Eric Liddell, the Christian Scottish Olympic athlete who lived in the early 1900s.  Then today, I decided (which was not at all normal) to move to the next story in the Genesis book, feeling that we had thoroughly discussed everything in the story we read on Monday and should go ahead to the next.  The kids were a little surprised to get two stories in a week but glad too, since they love this book.  We were reading along and suddenly Eric Liddell was mentioned in the midst of this Bible lesson/story!  The kids’ eyes lit up when they realized the connection.  I love it when this happens and they are able to see that everything does tie together.  I asked them if they thought it was neat that in God’s plan, we were reading about Eric Liddell in two different books during the very same week and I used it as a chance to once again remind them that He is sovereign over every detail of our lives, even down to what chapters of what books we read and when we read them!

Also this week we were going through a book called “The Giraffe that Walked to Paris” which is a children’s picture book based on a true story of a giraffe that was given to the King of France in 1827 and had to walk from Marseilles, France to Paris.  First the giraffe had to travel by ship from Egypt to France and during our discussion of that book we learned about the sea being “becalmed”, a word they had never heard before.  Then today in our reading about Christopher Columbus, we saw that word in a drawing of a page of Christopher Columbus’ travel log and they knew what it meant!  It was such an encouragement to be reminded, even in small ways, that God knows what they need to learn and He will make sure they learn it and I just have to trust Him.


4 Responses to “The Personal Hand of God”

  1. Jana said

    Cool! very neat! 🙂

  2. Dad said

    It’s great that the kids learned more than just the contents of the individual lessons!

  3. Mom said

    Wow! How amazingly awesome, and a reminder that you would have missed all that had you decided to send your children off to be salt and light instead of using this time to fill them with salt. How exciting! Love, Mom

  4. Heidi said

    Awesome!! When I first read this, I thought, “I can’t wait until Grant can comprehend more of these types of things!” But, really..I can wait..he’s growing too fast! And, for a 2 year old, he already blows me away with his comprehension level! Really, those little, small, personal things sometimes blow me away more than the more ‘radical’ blessings! Thanks for sharing the story.

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