Good Stuff

April 26, 2007

Things have been crazy around here the last couple of weeks…we have had sickness, dental surgery, a homeschool conference, dental appointments, as well as some spring organizing of our home and schedule.  It seems every day has been packed full but the good news is that God has been faithful in giving me several opportunities to learn more about Him and His Word in the midst of the craziness and I have been convicted and encouraged in many ways.  I want to share more of these details and I hope to over the next week or so when I have the time to sit and blog. 

For tonight, I just want to get down some of the cute things Dresden has been saying and doing lately before I forget them (since this blog actually gets written in from time to time and it is all too easy to let the baby book sit on the shelf!)  Anyway, her vocabulary has really grown lately and she gives most words a try.  She also seems to understand pretty much everything we say to her and does her best to communicate back to us.  She has been calling Liam “mi” for the last few weeks, which I am assuming is part of Liam backwards!  She has learned to open the dvd player and place the desired dvd into the proper place for it to be the one played when the tray is closed and also how to close the tray and hand the remote to one of us.  She LOVES to be outside and usually wants to go with me when I take the dog out.  Her newest phrase is “I tired” which she says slowly and with a suprisingly strong southern accent so it sounds more like “I tard”.  She has also started saying “sorry” which sounds more like “sawwy” but at least she is trying!  She recently had dental surgery and now wants to show off her new “pretty teef”.  Her second birthday is one week from today…hard to believe!


2 Responses to “Good Stuff”

  1. Dad said

    I wish I could be there to hear those sweet words coming out of her mouth.

  2. Heidi said

    I agree with Dad–I love hearing the stories, but wish we could HEAR them ourselves! We miss y’all!

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