April 15, 2007

Please keep praying for us…this is a weird sickness because all three kids felt fine and acted fine and then out of the blue lost their lunch again but then seemed pretty much okay after that.  We all decided to stay home from church this morning because even Michael and I weren’t feeling exactly right last night.  Thankfully, the night was normal for all.  Being well is especially important because tomorrow afternoon is Dresden’s dental work and she will be going under anesthesia for the procedure and she cannot be sick or it will have to be postponed again and I really don’t want that.  She can eat and drink normally up until 7am and then only clear fluids until noon and then nothing until after the surgery which is scheduled for 3:15 pm. Please pray that she doesn’t get too grumpy and that all goes well.

I am coming along in my curriculum choices and purchases.  I attended a used curriculum/book sale yesterday and found several good things, and even came across a couple of things that I think will sell well on ebay which will help me make back some of what I spent, which wasn’t much anyway, but every dollar counts!  I am looking forward to the Homeschool Conference next weekend and the new book fair there also.  I have only a few things left on my list to purchase and if I don’t find what I am looking for there, I will then be checking out my remaining options.  I am looking forward to this coming year.  I think each year gets more exciting as my kids can understand more and more and I see them learning and progressing.  It is still a huge challenge and responsibility but one I wouldn’t change for anything.

In light of that, I have to share a question Alley asked me yesterday.  For a little background, Alley has been wanting to spell words spelling bee fashion lately so I found a list of second grade spelling bee words on the internet this week and we have been going through them.  Liam can actually spell several of them, too.  Anyway, on the way home from the book sale yesterday, Alley says, “Mom, I know it’s Saturday but can we please do some spelling words this afternoon?”  Just what a homeschooling mom wants to hear!  🙂

Even Dresden took a turn spelling…she was watching Alley and Liam getting up on their little step stool to take their turn at spelling and then she climbed up there and looked at us very confidently and said, “…….E……..E..” and then clapped for herself, complete with some excited squeals!  Very cute and funny.


2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Grandpa said

    Congratulations, Dresden! You spelled “E” exactly right, and even spelled it correctly twice!

    Love you so much!!

  2. Heidi said

    How sweet 😉 I miss them so much! I am writing this at 3:15 your time on Dresden’s surgery day–and will continue praying for her this afternoon! Love y’all!

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