April 11, 2007

We, once again, have sick people in our house.  Around 3 am on Tuesday Alley came to me and said her tummy hurt.  She didn’t quite make it all the way to the bathroom before losing the contents of her stomach which left me with a mess to clean up at 3am.  She continued to be sick throughout the next several hours and Michael woke up around 7:00am  saying he felt sick.  We pretty much determined that it was likely food poisoning because Michael and Alley were the only ones who had eaten a particular kind of Easter candy the evening before and the rest of us were fine all day.  Alley slowly improved and was able to keep liquids down by the end of the day but Michael was in bed all day not feeling well at all.  We finally decided we should take him to an urgent care clinic because I was getting a little concerned about him.  We loaded up in the rain and headed over there but by the time we got to the clinic, he was feeling a marked improvement and didn’t want to go in and incur a charge for no reason.  He was still weak and not completely well but his stomach was no longer hurting.  This was an answer to prayer. We went home and he went to bed.  I think the food poisoning diagnosis was not right however, because a few hours later, after going to bed, Dresden woke up sick and an hour later, Liam was sick as well.  I am fine so far, thankfully, but I had a long night running from one kid to the other and back again and getting more towels and damp rags and all of that.  I managed a few cat naps but was only half sleeping waiting for the next need.

So far today, Dresden seems completely fine.  She has kept down some fluids and is playing and happy like her usual self.  Liam is on the couch watching videos and trying to keep his mind busy and off the fact that he is not feeling well.  Alley is better but not 100% back to normal.  She has eaten a few crackers and drank a cup of Sprite.  Michael is at work but is not 100% either.  He is weak and doesn’t seem completely like himself yet.  Please keep all of them in your prayers and me too, as I take care of them and do the mounds of laundry that they have created!

On another note, I recently stumbled upon a fun website for parents called and it has all kinds of great ideas for parents and sometimes links to other cool sites.  I just saw on there today a link to another site that showed how one family took an old entertainment cabinet and with great creativity turned it into a play kitchen for their little girl.  There are pictures and it looks great and they said total cost was around $40 for the few things they had to buy.  Very creative idea.


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