Matching Haircuts…and Heads!

April 4, 2007


Everyone always says that Liam looks just like Michael and it’s true, he does.  It is even more clear now that they have matching haircuts.  Matching haircuts was kind of an accident, however.  Liam has gotten  his hair cut mostly by his aunt Heidi over the last few years and she does a great job.  She gave me lessons last time she did it, when we were in Bristol in January but I was not feeling real confident about trying it myself, 3 months later, just days before Easter.  Yesterday we were visiting with my grandparents and my Grandpa was going to help me try to cut Liam’s hair.  We were using his trimmers to trim the edges without the guard on the trimmers and somehow I cut a place much shorter than I intended (thus the reason for my lack of confidence!).  I put the correct guard on and trimmed up part of the back that just made “the spot” even more noticeable.  My grandma had a coupon for a kids haircut at Great Clips so on the way home we stopped and got it fixed!  The only way to fix it was to cut it pretty short in the back and keep the top longer and blend it in, which is basically a “high and tight” which is the way Michael gets his cut.  It came out looking fine and much better than when I got done with him!  I took this picture of him and Michael sitting together last night.


4 Responses to “Matching Haircuts…and Heads!”

  1. Kathy Nelzen said

    Tara, You may have heard this story, but I used to cut Bob’s hair. ONE of the reasons I quit was that one time the guard fell off right when I was cutting the hair in the middle of the back of his head. So every day for three weeks, I got up and put black shoe polish over the pink scalp. Looked pretty good. The hair grew back in, and no one knew the difference, except the 3,125 people I have told since then.

  2. Heidi said

    Amazing. That’s all I can say. Genetics are amazing.

  3. lisa said

    thats so cool! they do look so much alike

  4. My husband did the EXACT same thing to my son two weeks ago- beware the trimmer kits. They are vicious! the resemblance is totally there, between your husband and son. Two handsome men…I know you love them immensely.

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