Spring is here!

March 15, 2007


It seems the groundhog was right, spring is here early!  We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Kansas City after so many weeks of frigid temperatures.  It has been in the 70s every day this week until today, which is a little cooler, around 50.  That’s not so bad either since we are on the third floor of an apartment building on the Kansas prairie and it was getting a little warm in here!  We have not given in to the desire to turn on the air conditioning yet but have survived so far with open windows.  It has prompted me to go through the kids winter clothes, getting rid of things that are too small or too worn to save for next year and also to make sure they all have plenty for the summer.

On Monday, Michael’s day off, we decided to enjoy the great outdoors together by going to the zoo.  We hadn’t been since early November when we were having some extra warm days and we were all looking forward to going back.  We splurged on the IMAX, with our Friends of the Zoo discount, and saw a 45 minute film about Hurricane Katrina and the Louisiana wetlands, which was educational and interesting.  We saw many of our favorite animals and Dresden especially loved the tiger but was a little confused when he didn’t greet her with the sound effects she uses when we ask her what a tiger says!


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