Urgent Care

March 6, 2007

This has been a trying week.  It began Wednesday night at 10 pm when Dresden woke up after vomiting.  At first it seemed like a classic stomach bug  and I began to expect the rest of us to begin our turns at any moment.  We were offering little bits of Pedialyte and water to her off and on Thursday.  She went a little longer between “episodes” on Friday, with the last one being Friday night around 9:30.  She wasn’t eating much but was keeping everything down on Saturday and I began to think the end was in sight.  Sunday morning I decided to stay home with her because she wasn’t acting like herself.  About 30 minutes after Michael and Alley and Liam left for church, she vomited for the first time in 36 hours.  I called an Ask a Nurse line and was told that I might want to take her to Urgent Care at the children’s hospital just to be on the safe side.  After Michael and the kids returned with the van,  I grabbed a bottle of water and the book I was reading and Dresden and I headed out.  We spent quite awhile waiting, then had vitals taken, then another hour or so waiting and then were finally shown to an exam room where, once again, we waited.  The doctor finally came in and checked her out.  I told him I was concerned with her lack of bowel movements over the last several days and so we did an Xray that showed quite a bit of gas build up on the right side of her body.  Poor Dresden had to be dressed in a very small hospital gown and given an enema.  Two diapers later, she was feeling much better and fell asleep in my arms while we waited for permission to leave.  I was sitting there in Urgent Care, reading my book, which is a Christian fiction story that is set in the ER of a hospital in a small town in southern Missouri.  This is the third book in this series and I was more interested in the story than the title by this point so I was a little surprised when I glanced down at the cover and noticed the name of the book….URGENT CARE.  🙂  I guess the moral of that story is to be careful what books you check out of the library!

But getting back to Dresden…she seemed to feel better when we got home, six long hours after leaving, but she didn’t perk up as much yesterday as I expected.  I was beginning to think that something was seriously wrong and we were overlooking something in her symptoms.  Michael prayed for her before we went to bed and then I continued the prayers silently as I tried to fall asleep.  She woke up this morning not showing any drastic improvements but as the day wore on, I noticed her smiling and laughing and playing a little more than she has all week.  I am still keeping her on a bland diet for another day or so until her stomach remembers that its job is to hold on to the food that enters it but as of now, I am very encouraged and thankful that the Dresden we know and love is coming back.

Thank you to all who prayed for her and for us.


One Response to “Urgent Care”

  1. Jana said

    Tara, Sorry I didn’t get to read this post until now—I am glad that Dresden is doing better and that God answered your prayers to bring her back to her normal healthy self. She is a sweet little girl and I miss her! I miss all of you guys!! 🙂 Love ya,

    Aunt Jana

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