Theology 101

March 2, 2007


Just as I was finishing my last post,(Wed night) Dresden woke up crying and I went to try to get her back to sleep and discovered vomit in her hair and all over the bed.  Fun.  So, we went straight to the bathtub for the second time that day.  She hates baths, especially getting her hair washed so she was very upset.  After the bath she had two more “episodes” and we finally settled on the couch for the long night ahead.  She slept off and on so that’s what I did, too.  She didn’t have anything to eat yesterday, just Pedialyte and water.  She didn’t keep anything down for longer than an hour or two so we had a very long day.  She’s still puny today and fussy and clingy, too.  I am praying that it will be over very soon and that the rest of us won’t get it.

This morning Alley asked me this question–  “If Jesus was still on earth and He took a drink of water from a cup and then Dresden drank from the same cup, would she get better?”  And then Liam said,  ” Yes, because He has good germs!”   

If you think of it, pray that she does get better soon, even if she can’t drink from Jesus’ cup :), and that I would have patience in caring for her and cleaning up the messes.  It is astounding how much laundry can be generated by one sick little 22 month old!


2 Responses to “Theology 101”

  1. lisa said

    so sorry she’s sick!! i’ll definitely pray for you both =) alley & liam are so grown up haha that conversation was adorable.

  2. Dad said

    We all need to strive to drink daily from Jesus’ cup.

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