Random Things

February 28, 2007

I am tired and it is late but it’s been a few days since I have written so I thought I would post a few random things from our life:

  • Dresden had a double ear infection last week.  She is much much better and only has one dose of antibiotic left to take which will be in the morning.
  • It has been raining very hard and there has been thunder, lightning, and hail here over the last few hours, even though this afternoon was a beautiful Kansas City day, 65 degrees.  I am hoping there is no hail damage on my van.
  • We are about a week away from finishing up our contract with T-Mobile and are in the process of switching to Cingular but the rep I talked to last night has not yet returned my calls.  I have left about three voice mails in the last 24 hours.  If I do not hear back from her by mid day tomorrow, I will call and talk to another rep.
  • The kids and I had lunch at my grandparent’s house today.  It is nice to be able to just go visit them.  I really enjoy having them a part of my daily life after 20 years of living out of town and I know they enjoy seeing the kids on a regular basis.  I need to thank Michael more often for being willing to leave everything he knew and his beloved mountains to move here.  That is not the entire reason we did move here but it is a great “perk” and blessing and opportunity to minister.
  • We finally broke down and decided to try Blockbuster Online, at least for the free trial.  I set it up yesterday and now the first 3 discs of Season 5 of 24 are on their way to us! Yay!
  • I made a dessert last night that I found on the Hallmark website.  It is called Blueberry Boy Bait 🙂 and it is very good.  Tonight I made Saltine Toffee Candy to take to our Small Group meeting tomorrow night.  It is cooling in the fridge now.
  • I have been up to my ears in curriculum catalogs, websites, and curriculum guides from the library trying to wisely and economically plan for next school year.  There is so much to choose from and so much to consider.  There is a used curriculm fair coming up in about 6 weeks and then the annual homeschool convention the next weekend so I am planning to just continue my research until then and hopefully find good deals and save on shipping then.
  • I got a new cd from the book table at church the other day called Indelible Grace.  A few of the songs were familiar to me from what we sing at church on Sunday evenings.  I have been enjoying it much.
  • More later.

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