Good Deals

February 23, 2007


I love thrift stores.  I think it started back in 1996 when my mom managed a thrift store for a rescue mission and we were there day in and day out and saw for ourselves the vast range of things that were donated.  Granted, much of it should have gone directly to the trash but there are truly many treasures to be found, especially if you can afford the time to really look.  My experience at the thrift store taught me to be a good thrift store shopper.  I learned how to look at something and evaluate it for what it is now, and not what it used to be.  I have had many needs met by shopping at thrift stores and have saved tons of money.  I love finding a great bargain while buying decent things for my home and nice clothes for my family.  And sometimes, God provides something I didn’t specifically ask for.  The other night I decided I was tired of the denim purse I have been carrying for almost a year.  I thought I had saved a couple of my old favorites in my closet so I went to dig one out but couldn’t find the one I wanted.  I started making plans in my mind to try to get a new one sometime soon, maybe for my birthday next month.  Yesterday, the kids and I went across town to spend the night with my grandma.  She happens to live near very good thrift shopping, an antique store and a large thrift store.  The magazine rack above is one I got two weeks ago at the antique store for $10.50.  It looks great near my fireplace.  I didn’t go there yesterday, I just went to the thrift store.  I wandered back to the purses to see what they had and I saw it.  There was a Vera Bradley quilted purse hanging there, marked $4.99.  I grabbed it up and inside was a matching billfold and the whole thing looked brand new.  I noticed that all around the inside edge were little pockets to organize all the things in your purse.  It was perfect!  I knew God had provided just what I wanted, and I hadn’t even asked!

The other pictures are some of my other bargains.  The boys shorts outfit for Liam was $1.68.  I put it together myself.  It is a BUM Equipment pair of shorts with gray trim and I found an Old Navy gray T-shirt that matches perfectly.  The little dress for Dresden came from a consignment store near the thrift store  (the buttons on the shoulders are little pink giraffes) and the Spiderman puzzle was at the thrift store.  I picked it up for Liam and then of course, I ended up putting most of it together this afternoon!  It is almost the width of my table!  I did find several other summery items for my kids and even a few things for myself, including a khaki linen skirt for $3.99 and a Chadwick’s pink linen shell/blouse for $4.99, which I will proably wear on Resurrection Sunday.  That outfit was $9.00 which is expensive compared to most of what I buy there but cheap when you think about the price of an Easter dress at the mall!  I have fun finding a bargain and I love saving money.  I am truly thankful for the way that thrift store shopping has helped our dollars stretch over the years.


2 Responses to “Good Deals”

  1. lisa said

    i love that purse! i’ve been wanting a vera bradley purse for like 3 years but they’re just so expensive. thats really awesome that you found one! now i have some real competition for the “purse game” for next time i’m in KC =)

  2. Jana said


    Great finds! I love finding things unexpected when Thrift shopping! Love ya!!

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