February 17, 2007

 Today I did two things I have not done in too long.  I sat down and watched a whole movie with the kids, start to finish, and we played a game, one Alley got for Christmas and we hadn’t even opened yet.  I enjoyed the movie and the game and the time with my kids, laughing and talking.  I have no excuse for not doing these kinds of things more often except for all the many, many things that take the time and attention of a wife and homeschooling mommy.  It seems I never reach the end of my “To Do” list… there are always calls to make, lessons to look over and teach, trips to the grocery store and the library, church activities, baths to give, clothes to wash, dry, fold, hang up and iron, regular housework, not to mention cooking and cleaning up after three meals a day, and of course, checking email, reading a few blogs and using the internet for research on various topics to help me better accomplish some of the tasks I have just mentioned.  Add to this time for personal Bible study and prayer, personal hygiene, and the occassional few minutes I have to read a book or magazine and you can probably see why it’s hard to make time for “down time” with the kids or even time for my hobby, rubber stamping.  But that is no reason not to do it anyway, and that is what I am going to try to do more of, ignore the lists to some extent, at least on weekend days when there is no school to do and try to enjoy more things from my kids point of view before they are grown and gone (which will probably be next week sometime  😦  )  At lunch today I was glancing through a magazine that advertised Patrick Henry College and I told Liam that he had awhile until he had to decide but that maybe that would be a good college to think about.  It hit me that he would be making those decisions in only 12 short years.  That’s not long.  I want to enjoy the days I have when I have them.  The trick is balancing everything, which is something that no mother can do perfectly.  Another reason to seek God’s wisdom.  And it is right there in His Word when we look.  The other day a verse in Proverbs jumped out at me.  “In the house of the righteous there is much treasure”  Prov 15:6a.  I know that treasure is not the material things around me, it is the precious treasures of my children and husband and other people God has given me.  I want to try to enjoy those treasures more, minute by minute.

One funny story from our game:  the game is “Whoonu” by Cranium.  One player is the Whoozit and gets no cards.  The other players get 4 cards and each card has a word on it and you have to pick two cards that are things that you think are favorites of the person who is the Whoozit.  The Whoozit then looks at the cards and puts them in order from least favorite to favorite and then reveals the order and you get points based on how your cards ranked.  Anyway, when I was the Whoozit, I opened the envelope and had ” sunsets”, “ginger ale”,  “coffee” and “heavy metal”.  Obviously, I had to rank heavy metal as my least favorite so when I was revealing my cards, I had to explain to them what that was since I could tell they really didn’t know.  I told them it was like rock n’ roll music and knowing me like they do, they both burst out laughing and I joined them!

I’m off to bathe kids and iron clothes for those who are well enough to attend church tomorrow.  Good night!


2 Responses to “Fun”

  1. Dad said

    I know it seems like there is never enough time to do everything, but, as you suspect, the little ones will be grown and gone before you know it. I think you do a great job of balancing all you have to do. Love you!

  2. Tara-
    I LOVE your creativity in requiring your kids to clean up their rooms, yet making it fun. That is a great idea, and one I am adding to my files. I am so blessed by all the little tidbits of wisdom and practical help I gain from other mom-bloggers!

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