February 15, 2007


It’s late and  I really need and want to go to bed but my sister (the one who did not cut my hair) has been asking for pics of my new haircut.  I had Alley take a couple this morning so I thought I would quickly get them on here.  Obviously, I have still not figured out how to make the pics from my new camera fit on my blog, but oh well…bigger is better, right?  🙂  I also need to figure out how to do captions  (maybe I should type the caption before I upload the next picture?)  Anyway, here is my “new look” minus make-up!  I haven’t had a chance to play around with it much so maybe I will post some better pics later, with make-up!

I put the picture of Michael and the kids on here because I thought it was a good one.  The other night Alley was sad because Mimi and Heidi had left the day before and she told me that talking to Daddy helped her when they left last time, in August.  I told Michael she said that so when he got home, he sat down with all of them and let Alley tell him her felings and he calmly helped her understand the bigger picture.  I snapped a picture, of course.

The one of Liam and Dresden is on here because of the expression on Liam’s face.  He was playing a dinosaur game on our dinosaur of a PlayStation and you can tell he was really into it!  Dresden was too even though her controller was not actually hooked up!

Good night!


3 Responses to “”

  1. Dad said

    Good pics! I’m glad I got to see you apartment at Christmas, so when I see the pictures it’s easier to see in my mind what the setting really is. Love the expression on all the kids’ faces.
    Love you!

  2. Jana said

    Great Pictures—and I even noticed the different messages on your plate—Get Well Soon Liam and Happy Valentine’s Day. I need to be better about changing mine. I will put a message (or bible verse) on there and leave it for weeks. I totally didn’t think about putting a Valentine’s Day message on there…oh well.

    I like your new haircut—it is cute and it looks good on you. Thanks for posting pics of the kids too…I just love them so much!!! Tell them I miss them!! 🙂

  3. lisa said

    tara you are such a good mom! so creative with the cleaning the room thing =) those pictures are SO good i love your hair. i miss you guys and can’t wait till we come to KC again. i definitely want to see your apartment!

    love you

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