Good News, Bad News

February 12, 2007




 Well, the good news is that Liam is feeling much better, something we are very grateful to God for.  My aunt came over yesterday afternoon to bring me some Children’s Motrin (since Michael had to work) and once I got it in him, his fever came right down.  He had another dose around 10 pm and I set my alarm to get up and check him at 4 am since that was about when the medicine would be wearing off.  He was sleeping peacefully and not hot.  I set the alarm for 6:00 and checked again and he was still cool and still sleeping peacefully.  (Michael slept in the chair in the living room with Liam nearby on the couch so he could be there if he needed anything and he told me this morning that Liam almost fell off the couch a couple of times…maybe his night wasn’t as peaceful as I thought!  🙂  His fever was up again slightly (between 100-101) around 8 am so he did get another dose of Motrin and seems to be feeling more like his old self.  His cough even sounds better today.

The bad news is that Kansas requires you to pay personal property tax on your vehicles for the upcoming year when you register them instead of not charging you if your vehicle was not garaged in their state on January 1st of the year, like Virginia.  I thought we wouldn’t be worrying about personal property tax until the end of 2007 since we were not in Kansas in January 2006.  I looked around on the website today in preparation to get the vehicles re-registered and I finally called to clarify the details of the confusing process and found out that we will be paying about $290 in personal property tax that we were not expecting.  Not fun.  We have to go to one place to get an inspection and then to another place to pay the fees and then yet another place to get new Kansas drivers licenses.  Exciting.

Another small piece of bad news, at least in my opinion, is that we are getting neighbors downstairs.  The apartment below us has been empty for the whole four months we have lived here and that has been nice with three kids in here all day, especially when one is a little girl who has recently learned to jump!  Oh well, it will give us all another chance to practice thinking of others first as we try to walk more softly!

And in the good and the bad, the big and the small,  it’s nice to know that God has it all in His hands.


One Response to “Good News, Bad News”

  1. Dad said

    I am glad Liam is getting better. Your personal property tax in Kansas will be for 2007 and not 2006, right? Virginia will want PP taxes for 2006, and if you can show that you paid PP taxes in Kansas in 2007, you shouldn’t have to pay VA PP tax in VA. even though they think you were here on Jan. 1, 2007.

    Yes, it does sound confusing, doesn’t it?

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