Liam Part 2

February 11, 2007

Just as an update, Liam hasn’t had any more back pain but he still has a bad cough and he developed a fever last night.  He said his tummy hurt again this morning early but he never was sick and is now feeling okay. He was fine in that department during the rest of the day yesterday.  I am not sure if these symptoms tie together in any way so we are watching him.  Please keep him and us in your prayers.

Also, I meant to post this yesterday but forgot.  The other night the kids and I decided to spend the night at my grandma’s since my mom and Heidi were going to spend the night there too, before they left town the next morning.  My mom went up there earlier in the afternoon and the rest of us followed a few hours later.  When we got there, Liam caught a glimpse of my grandma through the window and he said,   “I just saw a smudge of Grandma.”  I knew he meant glimpse but couldn’t think of the word.  I love it that he still says cute things like that.


One Response to “Liam Part 2”

  1. Dad said

    Now that you guys are gone, and it’s been a couple of weeks since you left, it seems like all I saw was just a smudge of you all. Love you!

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