New Blog Site

February 10, 2007

This is a week of “new” for me….I got a new digital camera which is very awesome and I have a very cute new haircut done by my very own sister, Heidi, and today I decided to move my blog from to  I like it so far but I am still learning how to really use it.  Two cool things are 1) you can simply import your entire blog from a few other blogging sites and not lose any posts or comments and 2) they have several templates that have customizable headers so now the faces of my dear children are at the top of my blog.  Speaking of dear children, Dresden has awoken from her nap and is calling for “Ba”, her name for me of late.  More later!


One Response to “New Blog Site”

  1. Jana said

    WOW! I like the new look of your blog—maybe you will start a trend! 🙂 Post a pic of your haircut and some pics you have taken with your new camera!

    Love ya!

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