February 10, 2007

I am a first born so I will never know for sure what it is like to be the middle child, sometimes lost in the midst of a family made up of an older sibling who is always experiencing something new for the first time and a younger sibling who needs more hands-on care and parents who are trying to learn all over again every day how to be good parents to each of their children who are each changing constantly.  Even though I will never have first-hand experience in this, God has given me a son, my ‘pickle in the middle’.  Sometimes, because he is a boy and his interests are in things that I have no knowledge of (like the Bionicle Lego action figures!), it is easy for me to only half listen to him when he is excitedly telling me all about the latest exploits of his favorite characters.  I am trying to catch myself doing this and make myself pay more attention to him, even if we discuss things that don’t seem important to me when I have a list of jillions of things that need done NOW.  

Last night, or I guess I should say, early this morning, he had some undivided attention.  At around 6:30 this morning, just before dawn, he comes to my side of the bed and tells me he is really hot.  I felt his forehead and didn’t think he had a fever.  I was about to tell him to just go back to sleep without all the extra blankets he had last night when he says he is about to throw up.  We go right into my bathroom and he finally does empty his stomach but there wasn’t really much in there.  I fixed a bed for him on the couch, complete with a big plastic bowl just in case.  ( I have to say that he is very brave when it comes to vomiting.  When I was a little girl, I remember crying every time I was sick but he never does.  He takes it like a man!)  Anyway, he got settled on the couch and I got back under my warm covers.  A few minutes later I hear him breathing like he was a few minutes earlier in the bathroom.  I called out to him to ask if he is okay and he says his back is hurting.  I got up to check on him and Michael woke up.  By this time, Liam is writhing in pain and we can hardly understand the answers to the questions we are asking him.  We had pretty much decided that we needed to take him to the emergency room when he said the pain was going away.  He sat still for a few more minutes and we said a short prayer and then the pain stopped.  We could tell by his voice that he was okay again.  He has been fine ever since and we aren’t really sure what caused it.  Our best guess is that he might have strained or pulled a muscle when he was throwing up.  Needless to say, we are very thankful to God that he is okay and that we did not have to go to the ER.  It is amazing how much love God gives us for these little blessings, first, last or middle!


One Response to “Liam”

  1. Dad said

    Well, you are right about parents trying to figure out each day how to be good parents to children who are not only changing every day, but who are already totally different from each other anyway.

    Each one needs to be parented a little bit differently, and then that changes!

    I’m glad little Spiderman is doing okay now. Hope he is over the nausea as well. The next Spiderman comic book is in the mail.

    I like the format of the new blog.

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