October 24, 2006

Dresden “doing school” with Alley and Liam.

Dresden holding her baby doll. Her hair was still wet from her bath in the above pic. The one from the side (below) is to show how long her hair is getting. There are several ringlet curls at the bottom right after a bath.

These pics are in response to my sister’s request for recent pics, especially ones of Dresden, since kids her age change more in 3 months than older kids. I took these today.


4 Responses to “"Drezzy-Boo"”

  1. jana said

    How precious. She is really growing up and doesn’t even seem like a “baby” anymore.

    She looks more and more like you, Tara. Especially the pic of her on the couch holding her baby doll.

    We miss you guys! Love ya!!

  2. heidihttp://guinan.blogspot.com said

    She really does look like you, Tara! I miss her, and all of you, so so much. I know Grant would be thrilled to see all 3 of them. I hope we can before too much more time goes by. Hey from all of us! Love ya!

  3. Mom said

    She is growing too fast! She needs to slow down till we get to see her again! Wow! Yes, she does look like her mama, but I can see a little of Liam in her eyes in the middle picture. She looks 3 years old in the first pic. Wow!
    That is all I can say. Precious!
    Love, Mom

  4. jeph said

    I know this is unoriginal now…but…she’s gotten so big!

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