August 8, 2006

The kids and I arrived in Kansas City on Liam’s 5th birthday, July 27th. That means we have been here almost two weeks. We already have library cards and a new bank account! We are enjoying getting to know people at the church we are attending and I am trying to learn my way around and get adjusted to all the new things around me. We are glad to be reunited with Michael, once again, and pray there will be no more causes for separation in the future!

My parents and my sister, Heidi, and my nephew Grant came to KC with us and were here visiting for several days. They are all back in Bristol now and so we are getting into a more “normal” routine, although that is a relative term since we are temporarily staying with my grandma while we figure out where in the city we want to live and find a place. So, even though we are here now, as a family, we are only partway through with the moving itself.

Please pray for wisdom in several areas and that God would provide just the right home for us in just the right location for all the places we want and need to go. Also pray for my mom and dad as they prepare their house to put on the market in Bristol so they can join us here soon.

Alley will be eight years old next Monday (I can hardly believe it!) and so we are trying to figure out what to do to celebrate. There are many things to choose from here but she did mention the zoo and we haven’t been there yet since the weather has been unbearably hot. Thanks to my grandma, we have a family pass to the Kansas City Zoo so that might be the best idea! Maybe I can post a picture or two!


4 Responses to “Adjustments”

  1. Dad said

    Well, the next chapter has begun. We will certainly be praying for you as you get adjusted and find a place to live. We love you!

  2. Mom said

    So many things changing, sort of fast, but also…..finally! Anyway, I am glad you all are back together as a family, and we are praying for God to guide you all and us through this next few months. Also, for Jeph and Heidi and their big move! I cannot, cannot! believe Alley will be 8 next week! My how time does fly! I wish we could be there with her. I know it is hard for her that we are not, but I trust that she will be soooo busy doing stuff that she doesn’t notice too much.

  3. heidi said

    We are glad you are all back together now! We miss you all very much! Give the kids hugs and kisses!!!

  4. jana said


    We are praying for you through all of these adjustments. I know you look forward to having your own space aain soon—who wouldn’t? Anyway, I hope you are feeling a bit more comfortable in the big city!

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