Home Sweet Home

July 18, 2006

Well, a chapter in my life is over. I gave the keys to the trailer to the new owner this afternoon. It’s a strange feeling. For the most part, it feels good. I have been wanting this day to come for awhile now, so I can get to KC and be with Michael and start the next chapter in our life. And the trailer was quickly becoming much too small for our growing family and not having the responsibility of it anymore frees us up to find something that better meets our needs and also will make it easier to buy a house when the time is right.

But nevertheless, it was strange to be cleaning it for the last time these last two days. I thought about some of the fun times we have had there while I was on my knees scrubbing the disgusting floor that was hiding under the washer and dryer until a few days ago and again when I was vacuuming the empty bedrooms and scrubbing the tubs and even mowing the grass today. When we moved in there, Alley was not quite a year old so she took her first steps there, I found out I was expecting Liam there, Alley had her second birthday (a hot dog cookout) in the yard, we brought Dresden home from the hospital to there, we’ve had dinners with friends and family, lots of laughter and many good conversations. If you’ve never seen it, it is nothing fancy, just a very basic place to live, sleep, eat, and play….but it has been a special place, just what we needed for a long time. I pray that it will continue to be a blessing to the lady who will call it home now.

My dad just walked by as I was writing this post and teasingly called me “homeless”. I guess that is technically true since I just moved out of one home and don’t yet know exactly where I will be calling “home” next but I do know that as long as I have family, I will never be “homeless”. I am thankful for that and I pray that wherever I end up, my home will be a place where many will feel at home.


2 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Dad said

    Dear Tara,

    Well, you’re right. The trailer had become much too small for a family with three growing children and all their “stuff”. It is a freeing feeling to know that there are no more last minute jobs that have to be taken care of, that there are no more concerns about maintenance or neighbors. The trailer has served the needs of many who needed basic housing for a season, but it is now time to close that chapter and move on. And it all happened on God’s perfect timetable! As I told you when I called you homeless, as long as I have a home, you will never be homeless! I love you and am very proud of the way you handled the business of selling, packing, and moving out. Good jorb!

  2. Jordana said

    Tara, I hope your move went smoothly! I’m so glad that you are a faithful blogger so that we can keep up with your family! šŸ™‚
    We will miss you all being here, in Bristol!
    Looking forward to hearing how things are going in MO!

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