July 9, 2006

Miscellaneous is a great word and one that I have been using lots lately. I have been packing my entire house into cardboard boxes in preparation for our move to Kansas City, Missouri and it seems I write “Misc” on more boxes than I should! I really do try to be precise in what I write on the boxes that I pack to make my sorting and unloading and unpacking a little easier but when a box contains plastic leftover bowls, wooden spoons, a pitcher, a toaster, dishrags, potholders and a few other things, it saves time to just write Kitchen Misc!

And now for a “Misc” thought: Cell phones are designed to make our lives more convenient by making it easier for us to call and be called, any time, anywhere. But its the “be called” part that is sometimes “over-convenient” making it so that we get a phone call when we really would rather not. So, we turn them off or don’t answer them. I understand this and occasionally turn my phone off, usually in church, the library, or the movie theater but it can also be frustrating when you are the one trying to call someone else! I went outside a little while ago to push Dresden on the swing. I decided I would use the time to call a friend that I had been meaning to call all week so I tried and got her voice mail. Then, I decided to call another friend who I haven’t talked to in awhile and also got her voice mail. Then I tried to call one of my uncles to see if he would be available to help unload the moving truck when it arrives in KC and you guessed it, voice mail again. Since more and more people are using cell phones exclusively, there are no other numbers to try to reach these people. I wouldn’t want to bother them in the middle of work, a nap, a movie, or something else equally or even more important but I know from experience that it is too easy to turn it off and forget to turn it back on again! I got in the habit of leaving my phone on 24/7 when Michael was in Iraq so he could reach me wherever I was at any time. I did turn it on silent when I was in church but even then it was close enough to me that I would feel it vibrate if it rang. Also, with kids who are old enough to not be with me every minute, I rest easier knowing that whoever they are with can reach me if they need to. That is why I have a cell phone … so I can call and be called!

“Misc” Moving info: The sale of the trailer should be completely finalized early this week and the moving truck is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. It will be dropped off and we will have the weekend to load it. (www.upack.com) I have the majority of my packing done but still have to pack my bedroom and a few “misc” things left in each room. By this time next week, all I should have left to do is clean. The moving truck will arrive in KC by Friday, July 21 and then Michael is in charge of unloading it (with help) into my grandfather’s basement garage to be stored for a month or so while we find a place to live. We will be heading to KC on July 26, arriving there on July 27 which is also Liam’s 5th birthday. We will be staying with my grandmother for about a month and looking for a place to live while we also begin to make a new life there. We are very excited to finally have a moving date and to be with Michael again, again.

Keep us all in prayer…moving (especially 800 miles away) is a huge ordeal and I am not even half way done yet! Also pray that God will lead us to the perfect place to live once we get there. He knows our needs even better than we do.


4 Responses to “Miscellaneous”

  1. Anonymous said

    wow i know how stressful moving can be. needing stuff you’ve already packed, not having everything unpacked for so long…i will definitely be praying for you guys! i’m excited for you though that you get to be all together again!

  2. Anonymous said

    that was lisa btw.

  3. Jennifer said

    At least you put “Kitchen Misc” I have been putting boxes together that just have Misc on them…..Maybe I just like the suspense of not knowing. I am glad your moving is going a lot smoother than mine. I never realized how much stuff I actually bought during this adventure in Germany. Thought about you yesterday…Took a little drive to IKEA (needed a few Misc.) I will be keeping you in my prayers. Can’t wait to see pics of the new place. Miss You!

  4. Jeph and Heidi said

    You have been so efficient and successful at checking off those lists!! Michael is very blessed to have you!

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