The Tray-yer

June 22, 2006

The “tray-er”, as Liam used to call it!

Here are a few shots of our “Home Sweet Home” for the last seven years, or at least the parts of those seven years that we were in Bristol. It has been on the market, For Sale By Owner, for about 4 months and we have been showing it fairly regularly, especially this week. I showed it three out of the four days so far this week and this afternoon, one looker came back and became a buyer. She gave me a deposit while she waits on some money to pay for it in full. Lord willing, we will move out, and she will move in, around mid July. This makes our move to Kansas City a little closer, something Michael is especially grateful for as he is getting a little weary of living without his family, and, of course, we miss him terribly as well. We may still be here for a few weeks after the closing of the sale so that we can save some money without a housing expense to be better prepared to find something new in KC. Many details to keep in prayer. When we bought this trailer in 1999 we had one baby who was almost a year old. We thought it would be a good stepping stone to something bigger and better in the future, and it has been. I don’t think we thought we would own it as long as we have or that we would have three kids before we moved out, but it has been a blessing, not only to us but to others as well. Some college students we knew rented it for a year and my sister and her friend rented it the next year and my (future, at the time) brother-in-law Jeph lived here for most of the next year while we were in Germany. It is time to move on but we have many happy memories here, and because of that, the “tray-yer” will always hold a special place in our hearts.


4 Responses to “The Tray-yer”

  1. Dad said

    Praise God for bringing you a buyer. Now, time to move on to bigger and better!!!!

  2. jana said

    Tara, I know you are happy to finally have a deposit—and that it is really time to move on to KC. Keep us posted on how everything goes!

  3. heidi said

    YAY!! The first step behind you…We are all praying for you as you take the following steps to lead you back to Michael.

  4. jeph said

    we should should hold a memorial service for the little metal house

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